Hey MiniLD’ers

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March 2nd, 2013 2:58 pm

Hey guys. You probably see why we don’t do rating during MiniLD’s now (just not enough turn-out). Looking at the logs, the most ratings any one game has is 8, then 5, 4, down to 0. Should I go ahead and close the MiniLD without rating? There’s really not enough data to give any fair comparison.

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  1. Madball says:

    Wait… We can rate games?.. I didn’t know…

  2. sorceress says:

    It’s only been going 4 days. Not really long enough to conclude there won’t be enough data. 😉 I say we give it another week.

    Even if we only get 6-8 votes per game at the end, that’s actually quite a lot of data for sorting only 37 games. And it’ll probably give a fairer comparison than a main LD event, where there are 30 times as many games, but with only 3 times as many votes per game.

    Also consider the fact that miniLD is much more informal than a mainLD, and that having precise results here doesn’t matter nearly as much.

    And finally: A lot of people enjoy the voting, and it’s harmless. So I say let them have their pleasure. :)

  3. kddekadenz says:

    I didn’t join MiniLD, but I couldn’t login the last couple of days. I know from another guy from Germany who had the same problem.
    There always came the following Error: “invalid registration status”.

  4. Hi,
    why not leave it open a little longer, won’t hurn … :)
    And I agree with sorceress, I’d rather have a few votes than no feedback at all!

  5. Hayawi says:

    I agree, leave it open about another week or so. There may not be a lot of votes, but there will be enough to conclude what to do better when the real competition comes

  6. PoV says:

    Okay, I’ll leave it open for a while longer. We’ll reconvene next week.

  7. Milo says:

    If nothing else, I think voting is a pretty good motivation for people to actually play games and leave comments.

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