Select S.A. First Impressions

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March 1st, 2013 4:00 pm

Hello folks, today i’ll post a beginning project that I’m working in this last month. They’ll call SELECT S.A., and will be a mix of Missile Command… with reverse screen.

Yeah, that’s a pretty good definition.

The project born in the Ludum Dare with the theme “You are the villain”, and after the event i started the planning, script, test and everything else. In this month I start to code it in AS3 (same code that I used in the LD) and i’m thinking about make this game in Unity because he doen’t work fluently in old android phone.

Alright, that’s not a excuse if the game needs power of processing… but the fact is: the game doesn’t need too many power.

I just think to make this changes after i see the game Gunslugs work very smoothly in my smartphone (an Xperia X10 from 2009). If they make all of the game so nicelly, I have to make some at least similar in my game too, but the fact is: it will be a spend of time. So, I’ll finish this one in as3, and the next ones in UNity or other mobile languages.

Here i’ll let some images of the game until now.


Short Description of the Game

In the game you control a starship controlled for a company called Select.S.A, a demolition company who’s have one of your top client the governament of the galaxies. This starship use a drill to destroy the planets, but ocassionally they have problems with protestants and guerrillas. For that, they use special weapons projected to pull back the people who’s against the project.

Your principal weapon is a lacrimogen gas bomb, who’s send the protestants back to the planets:

Protestant hitted running off and another travelling

The protestants fly of the planet to attack a part of the starship. This attack causes a glitch in the starship and the drill back a little in every protestant attack, retarding the demolition process. When some of them hit the starship, it’s game over.

The three basic points that the protestants can attack

To win, the player has to make the drill hit the planet, and hold on a little to destroy the planet.

The game has galaxies, and every galaxy have the worlds to demolish. Every world is a level. The game also shows a cinematic history.

Some more concept imagesand draws

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  1. mrnannings says:

    Looks hectic man! Nice. Funny handwriting man didnt read:)

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