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February 28th, 2013 10:44 pm

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Don’t you sometimes get enough of that?



No? Well I do. That’s why I decided to show how much I detest watching news and hearing about the world sometimes. Ok, most of the time.

The game was developed for the MiniLD#40 competition, themed: The Real World.

What the hell is this about?

Avoid the world is about defending yourself against media information (or misinformation). You fight with your only weapon while watching TV: your remote control.

Your goal is to push away all the words that the TV screen vomits upon you. If they reach you, your brain damage will increment, and when 100%, you lose. Note that you can’t win against the TV, you will always lose at the end.

Can I get Brain Damage playing this?

Good question. Yes you do, so please play carefully.

Where are the words coming from anyway?

The words are automatically read online using advanced alien technology, found in a cave by honorable scientist Giorgio A. Tsoukalos. In the modern world, this is know as RSS, a format which most newspapers have.

Did you find any trouble while doing this?

I’m glad you asked. Well probably you can’t imagine, but this was rather hard to make. Read the full post-mortem in my blog, I dare you! I DOUBLE DARE YOU!!

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