Physics: Real World(ish) Style

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February 23rd, 2013 1:44 pm

Apparently, it takes some effort to make a physics engine that mimics some of the nuances of the real world. Namely, the whole thing with making surfaces act like they’re slippery is somewhat challenging to do seamlessly. I think I’ve got the physics down now, but my game is basically a diagonal line (above which is the color #FFFFFF and below which is #00FFFF) which has very little friction and a little player (who I call “black box” on account of him being a black rectangle) who falls down it. My game, now, could be aptly titled “ULTIMATE SLIDING SIMULATOR”, but I think I’ll be a little more ambitious than that.

(I’ve also made a neat data structure so I can generate the world in whatever chunks I wanna and can make the world arbitrarily large. That’s not nearly as exciting though. It’s got a few bugs, but they’re of the nature “If the player attains a sufficiently high velocity, the world around them will generate 1 frame too late and they’ll either crash the game or pass through a solid surface”

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  1. TuxedoFish says:

    O that sounds really cool. I wouldnt like to try to mimick a slippery surface sounds very hard 😮 but gll with it and i hope ULTIMATE SLIDING SIMULATOR is AWESOME :p

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