EDIT: MiniLD #40 Has Ended

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February 13th, 2013 3:44 pm

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I think it’s pretty exciting that the world did not end this December, because if the world had ended, there wouldn’t be any more Ludum Dares. In honor of the continued existence of the world, the theme for this Mini-LD will be:


The challenge this time around shall be to think outside of the computational box and to somehow put the real world into your game. This could take plenty of forms (I mean, there’s quite a lot of material in the real world – some of it has to be usable in a game) and is, as always, completely up to interpretation, although I would strongly encourage people to explicitly state what part of their game is from the real world.

A few fairly straightforward ways one might accomplish putting the real world into one’s game would be to create assets in the real world (like the beautiful drawing you see above), to base your game on some input method other than the usual keyboard+mouse, to use real data in your game, or to turn some specific phenomenon from the real world into a game. Or of course, one always has more options than that for incorporating the real world – the only limit is your imagination. Remember that the important thing isn’t to have undeniable evidence that your game is based on the real world, but to have an idea that came to you after thinking about things that aren’t computers.

The Jam will run from February 22nd to the 25th. Until then, keep an eye out for inspiration. After then, do something and submit it.

EDIT: Submission will end at (or at least no sooner than) 11:00 PM EST, which I think is typical of Ludum Dare. Feel free to start whenever you want on February 22nd.

60 Responses to “EDIT: MiniLD #40 Has Ended”

  1. deathray says:

    Interesting concept! My first thought is to do some multi-player thing that involves your real-world position… Unfortunately i wont have time that weekend. But in case I can pull something tiny together on that Monday, what time will it end on the 25th?

  2. Skyllartor says:

    This sounds awesome! I’ve already got some inspiration. Can we work in teams?

  3. GreyPasta says:

    I may do this Mini Ludum Dare compo! Will have to see how busy I am sounds like a neat Idea though :)

  4. Alx101 says:

    Are there more rules to Mini LD? Can you work in teams? Thanks!

  5. Madball says:

    It kinda reminds me of MiniLD 37…
    And I think it’s first time when I can’t think out of anything. I’m in a stupor.

  6. Hayawi says:

    I already have a raw concept swimming around in my head, I’m just going to have to think about how I could do it. In either case, I’m excited for my first MiniLD 😀

  7. Sheegoth says:

    This sounds pretty interesting! I hope to give it a shot as my first game. 😀 Quick question: what time on the twenty-fifth does it end?

  8. carrymove says:

    Yeah, it’s cool! I have some ideas and I will take part.

    @Milo, can you say, when will come deadline for adding entries?

  9. Austiyn says:

    My first MiniLD, and I have a great idea 😀

  10. grifdail says:

    Is twitter considered as part of the real world?

  11. kblaney says:

    My indie team and I are taking a break from our actual game to take part in MiniLD40. We were all at Indiecade East last weekend and were inspired by the gamejam they hosted there, so this comes at a great time. There are 3 of us involved, so be on the look out for 3 entries from us.

    We aren’t working together and I have no idea what they are planning to do.

  12. Milo says:

    Edited the original post with a more specific end time.

  13. dasrkrain says:

    I’m very excited! Can’t wait to start! GL everyone.

  14. spokenbluntly22 says:

    I’m doing it! Have a pretty cool idea, though don’t know how to not use keyboard and mouse, going to have to skip that requirement! :/ see you all there!

  15. elputolio says:

    Nice! I think I might do this one (at last, never tried Ludum Dare :S)
    Hope to see you!

  16. Zelen3d says:

    Does hallucinations count as part of the real world? I will try to get Purkinje patterns with a bright blinking computer screen.

  17. Alx101 says:

    Super excited, missed 10 hours though (because of my timezone)

  18. evilo says:

    I’m in as well (right now). I might now have a revolutionary idea, but at least i’m working on something :)

  19. Pyrofoux says:

    I’m in my first Ludum Dare participation !
    I have an idea, but I’m not sure my game is easily playable…

  20. Alx101 says:

    Is it EST, Eastern Standard Time or EST, European Standard Time?

  21. spokenbluntly22 says:

    Is there a voting system for Mini LD Dares or do they only vote on real LD’s? Thanks for this competition it was a lot of fun!!
    I enjoyed having a theme to start off with since that’s one of the hardest parts of game design coming up with the idea!
    I hope you all had fun!
    My game was called Deja-What?
    If you want to try it out it’s in the submissions!
    Glad so many people did this challenge! Encouraged me to post mine!
    Have a good week :)

  22. Jorjon says:

    aw man can you extend it a few hours? i’m trying to finish a working version 😛

  23. Soooo…
    When does the LD close, and when does the rating start ?!? :)

  24. Hayawi says:

    Is there rating for this miniLD? I really was hoping to have some kind of grading system going on here. In either case, super fun, will do again!

    Sinistar B
    second page

  25. sorceress says:

    As requested by Milo, I’ve enabled ratings for this miniLD… Go Wild!


  26. spokenbluntly22 says:

    Awesome we can vote 😀 Thanks!

  27. Yessssss!
    Can’t wait to play ALL the games ! :)
    Already tried most of them…

  28. dasrkrain says:

    I’m planning on playing and rating every game! I love this part of the jam! Getting to see what everyone else came up with is awesome! I’m not really sure what this means though – “L = Loser = someone who games the coolness ranking. It’s the honor system, people. Everyone might think you are cool, but in your heart of hearts, you will know that you are a loser.”

    Does it mean I’ll get in trouble for rating all of the games?

  29. Pyrofoux says:

    When does the rate end ? To know if I must rate quickly or slowly. :)

  30. I’d love to rate ALL the games :) , but some just won’t load, or are for an OS that I don’t have or I just don’t know what to do with them. I guess I won’t be rating these… :(

  31. dasrkrain says:

    I have now played, rated, and did my best to leave constructive feedback on every game that I could get to launch on my PC or Mac. :)

  32. dasrkrain says:

    So how long does the rating period last? Also will there be a winner, or a sort of overall placement list kind of thing?

    • sorceress says:

      The rating period lasts as long as the gods allow it, depending on whether they are good or evil gods.

      Hopefully it will be open for another week, and with an overall placement list at the end of it. :)

  33. spokenbluntly22 says:

    I didn’t know there would be standings!
    I will do some voting tonight or tomorrow because March break is coming up!
    I rated a few!
    It’s cool to see so many submissions!
    Next LD I’m going to choose a more simple idea that is easy to complete haha
    Have fun playing games!

  34. Jorjon says:

    So when is the rating stage going to finish?

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