October LD Redemption

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January 19th, 2013 1:58 am

Since my October Ludum Dare disappointment of not completing the challenge it’s been hard to even consider writing one line of code. However I really wanted to stay at it but my motivation for game creation was at it’s lowest point…

So over Christmas break I got a chance to play some AAA games, which I’d have to say were a bit disappointing. But also got to dig around the indie community and play their games which was inspiring!!

And that really motivated me get pick myself up and get back to the joy of creating games. Then I heard about OneGameAMonth and read McFunkypants blog about his 12 games in 12 months and I was sold… I’m back into it!

Fast forward to now and I’m happy to announce a playable wave mode of Zombie Tales called Zombie Days (I thought I’d really mix it with the title!)  it not as in-depth as Zombie Tales is going to be but I used all the tech I developed Zombie Tales to build this random generated zombie shooter.

Anyways I feel like I have redeemed my past failings by at least getting something playable with the same feel.

Click the image to go to the Unity webplayer. It takes a little time to load the first time… ENJOY!!


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  1. Would be okay if
    1. The cursor was actually locked and had a pause screen
    2. Your character didn’t fly when he jumps
    3. The gun and hands actually had animations
    4. The zombies didn’t fly after you

    Sorry to be critical but before you can even think about ragdolls and random city generation, you need to get your basic mechanics down first.

    • dougalicious says:

      Thanks for the feedback!
      1. I’ve fixed the cursor locking. I must admit I am developing this for iOS so I haven’t refined the Mouse/Keyboard very much.
      2. Yes I did notice my in air multiplier was set quite high I’ll have a bit of a tweek with that. :)
      3. I have Reload and firing animations but no walking animation yet.
      4. Yeah the Zombies do go a bit crazy, thats on the fix list.

      I’m still working on it and hopefully I can get it to an okay playable level.

      cheers :)

    • dougalicious says:

      I’ve still got the flying zombies problem but I added a pause. :)

  2. Jedi says:

    This game looks awesome but I was pretty disappointed when I played it. The controls feel really rough and jerky. The jumping seems unnatural and it doesn’t feel like gravity is what’s pulling you to Earth. Hopefully, it’s just the transition to pc from iPhone and you can get it feeling better.

    The first time I played, the ragdoll physics were broken and every zombie flew in the same global direction when it was shot. I just played it again and it seems to work like I’d expect. BUT I now see the problem of the zombies flying towards me, which I actually didn’t see before.

    I agree with Rob to the extent that city generation and ragdoll physics probably shouldn’t be your area of focus at the moment. In general, it seems like there was too much emphasis on content and too little on gameplay up to this point. Although again, I wonder how much of that perception is a result of porting.

    Overall, it just doesn’t feel fun as-is and I really hate to say that about any game but I can’t give you honest feedback without doing so.

    The slightly jerky movement reminds me of when I accidentally put code in Update() that belongs in FixedUpdate() in my games; might be something worth checking into.

    One other bit of feedback: I don’t think it makes sense to start the player out with only seven bullets. I understand that you are trying to get them to run instead of shoot but it’s not a fun way to start a game; you are teasing the player by giving them a gun and not giving them a chance to get good with it. You are effectively telling the player they aren’t allowed to learn your core mechanic!

    I think you definitely have the potential to earn $1 with this; as it is, I bet you could put it up for sale and a few curious people would buy it just for the pretty graphics. However, I think it needs a lot of work in the fun department before they won’t feel cheated. Hopefully, you will take the route of putting this work in!

    I hope you keep making progress and that I didn’t discourage you. :)

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