Animated pixel art?

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January 17th, 2013 4:31 pm

Hello. I have seen beautiful pixel art in the games here. I have been doing pixel art myself for some time, but it was always static. Now I think I should learn animation. I usually used Gimp to create graphics, but Gimp has close to no support for animations. So… what program do you use to create animated pixel art?

Layers, filters, or anything fancy isn’t necessary. All I need is a pencil tool, preferably a color selector, and a dynamic preview to see the animation. It seems like not much, but I don’t know any program like that. Also, I would kind of like it to be free~~~

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Osgeld says:

    Gimp handles animations fine. Yes you can get sprite animators (google around those lines) but in the end its basically the same.

    start with your static image, add however many layers you need for frames below the static image. copy and paste your static image on the second layer, turn the first layer mostly transparent so you can see it for reference while changing the second layer (this is called “onion skinning”).

    once you are happy with the change between the first and second layer, copy the second layer onto the third, and repeat until done. when done make sure all your layers are visible and opaque

    if your engine expects just tell the gimp to save as an animated gif, if you need a sheet format use a plugin like

  2. Jacic says:

    My approach has been to use Gimp or GraphicsGale ( to create sprite sheets. I then create animations out of those sheets in my game code.

  3. pythong says:

    i also recommend graphicsgale. it has a preview for animation, and for learning, there are also a lot of youtube videos

  4. Zelen3d says:

    Thanks Jacic and pythong for mentioning graphicsgale. Its a great lightweight program. I even worked out of the box in ubuntu using wine!

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