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January 11th, 2013 1:27 am

There have been quite a few people asking in #LudumDare about when it is, and I suppose it’s time now! This one is a bit earlier than usual so as not to conflict with Global Game Jam, and as an extra special treat to all the #1GAMers out there, this one will be running for TWO WEEKS. That’s right folks, running from today, 11th Jan until 25th Jan! Ending submission time will be the same as regular LD, so 03:00 UTC. Now on with the theme I suppose:


Ever finished a game, and after release you’ve thought to yourself “Damn, I really should have done this”, “Why didn’t I make that game instead of this one?”. This is your chance to change it all. Feel free to take the theme and use it as you wish, perhaps as part of the core game play mechanic, the story, whatever! Revisiting an old LD theme that you couldn’t take part in or didn’t complete is also fine. This is a jam, your game, and it’s about fun. Treat the rule as more of a suggestion to get the ideas flowing.

There are no rules for this jam, other than of course not using copyrighted material. Besides that feel free to make the game on a plane, with your name, whilst on a boat, eating oats, take an old game and make it bold. The doors are open!

One thing I will ask is for people to say what part of their game is the “Hindsight”. “I should have entered last LD”, “I should have made this game last LD”, “Control mechanic”, “Story”, etc. If you don’t feel comfortable giving where it is, don’t worry about it :)


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47 Responses to “MiniLD #39 Announcement”

  1. sorceress says:

    submit form created + links added :)

  2. ahm99 says:

    Hmm, I don’t have any ideas. I guess I’ll have to keep thinking.

  3. bentog says:

    What if I like a theme from a LD that I couldn’t participate? Can I make a game about it? For example, say I regret not participating LD #24, and I want to make a game with the theme “evolution”. Can I do it?

  4. ElzingaT says:

    I was planning on working on my January #onegameamonth project this weekend, looks like I’ll be mixing the “Portcullis” theme with this one somehow…

  5. ahm99 says:

    Could you post an alternative theme?

  6. sorceress says:

    Hindsight. n. recognition of the realities, possibilities, or requirements of a situation, event, decision etc., after its occurrence.

    This suggests to me a game where you can make a lot of mistakes, that you have to attempt several times. Each time you fail you see a little more clearly what you should have done.

    This was quite common in the arcade games of the 1980s. Rarely could you get far without intimate knowledge of the game. So you fed your coins to the machine, and each time you gained a little more knowledge about the game. As you were able to progress further, you got higher up the scoreboard, which was the goal all along.

  7. kddekadenz says:

    I think I will join to practicise for the upcoming Global Game Jam.

  8. MrPhil says:

    I’m in, I think I’m making a Rogue-Like road warrior post-apostolic TBS ala FTL or something else.

  9. ahm99 says:

    I’m in. I’m gonna make some sort of tile-based platform game. We’ll see. I’m not sure how it will be “hindsight” but I’ll figure something out.

  10. doos says:

    How about waiting ten days and then starting and wishing you had started earlier? :)

  11. dragonfi says:

    What about: “Hindsight: Maybe that humble last project was still a bit too ambitious.”

    Because seriously, I didn’t had enough time to polish the game, again. This time I at least had something I could submit. So, I’m slowly getting there.

    Apart from that, the general concept of learning the nuances of a game sounds like a nice way to utilize the theme.

  12. Sounds cool, let’s come up with something good ! :)

  13. Canobie says:

    2 questions. Can you use an existing project? Can you submit multiple games?

  14. Canobie says:

    Thank you, but is it possible to make a new account and submit a game I’ve been working on on one, and a new one on the other?

  15. bwdevel says:

    Just out of curiousity; how strict are the dates? I started a new project on the 10th that I should have wrapped up within a few days that I’d love to submit…

  16. DancingEngie says:

    Do you *have* to make your game downloadable, or can I just upload it to Newgrounds? In other words, can I use Flash? If so (I guess?) count me in! Tough theme there.

  17. Canobie says:

    Will the games all be ranked and voted on?

  18. Gjarble says:

    Hmm… seems like it might mesh with what I’m doing for 1GAM. I’ve decided to complete 12 unfinished projects in 12 months. If I finish early this month, I’ll probably submit here. Do you think “I should have powered through and finished that game” is a good implementation of “hindsight”?

  19. Canobie says:

    I’d love to see a ranking system like in the LDCompo. I want to see where I can improve and what I’m good at. Plus, I can really hang my hat if I were to get top 20 in overall.

  20. Khayet says:

    I never finished that top-down-shooter… And I’m participating in 1GAM! So.. I’m in!

  21. Canobie says:

    @NelloGD Please, can you pleeeease do a ranking system like LD 25!!! I was too busy to compete and I really want to see what I’m capable of.

  22. Zelen3d says:

    We should add a ranking system. It would match the theme perfectly!

  23. surpy says:

    I can’t decide, do I want to improve my DM’s Rule game from LD 25, or do I want to make a new game that would go with tiny world theme, I think doing both would be insane! Although possible.

  24. zakchaos says:

    Am I In?
    I guess the only way to tell would to look backwards from Jan 25.

  25. trigger_hurt says:

    I just finished. I wanted to try to get something done in several hours, and I think I did pretty well.

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