TAKEOVER Post mortem

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January 10th, 2013 4:03 pm

In LD 23 and LD 24, I did TERRIBLE! The games were buggy and not even that fun. I figured that this time around I would do better, but due to me getting sick, I didn’t have much time to finish.

If you haven’t seen the timelapse, here it is:

If you want to view the entry, click here.

What went right:

Speed – Because I knew I only had a little time, I seemed to work faster. Hopefully I can do the same next time and NOT because I only have a few hours left.

What went wrong:

Pretty much everything else.

Practice – I should have took some more time to practice between now and LD 24. I think I might participate in a few Mini-LDs

Didn’t use enough packages – I only made two packages of code so I spent a lot of time looking for files.

Graphics – I decided to use 64×64 tiles, figuring that it would look nice because of the resolution. But it didn’t. I should have spent more time on graphics. The tiles were just gradients. Nothing fancy about that.

After the competition, I made the mistake of not spending time on voting and my post-compo and instead doing other things, messing with my new raspberry pi:


I would have liked to play more games, but it’s too late now.

Besides, it’s not like I would have gotten a better rating.

here are my ratings:

my rating

I think I would have done much worse if I entered the compo as there are more people.

I think I’ve learned quite a bit for next time.

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  1. Osgeld says:

    off topic, but that PCB design makes me cringe

    how the heck do you make one of the most critical ports one of the physically weakest by hanging it off the end of the board like that

    oh I see, to put a stupid logo in the middle

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