public var quantum_bug_fix:Boolean;

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January 10th, 2013 4:55 pm

Dear plebeians,

I’ve posted a post-compo version of Hunter to Hunted on Kongregate. This article focuses on said event, making it a post-“post-compo post” post. The new version fixes the bugs you never encountered, includes online high scores that you can only watch from the sidelines while drooling (most likely out of retardation rather than admiration), and adds a help menu to wrap your pathetic minds around those colorful funny things moving on the screen. Radical changes weren’t needed because one can’t improve on perfection.

Not that you’d deserve to pick the fruits of my efforts. Not that I’d expect you to understand the revolutionary nature of the gameplay after you’ve rated my entry #461 in Fun. I’m no mathematician, but it seems to imply you implied there were 460 more fun games in LD25, and that ain’t right.

I also wrote 25 pages of witty remarks, but they’d be wasted on a bunch of illiterate rednecks, so I’ll cut this short.

Now go to hell, and take my game with you. So you can try it out.

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  1. That’s rather funny!
    Didn’t play the game, though, and probably won’t… Sorry! :)

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