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January 9th, 2013 8:05 am

Last LD, I complained about people not knowing they had to receive a certain amount of votes to be put in the rankings. Happily, this has been fixed for this LD, but tehre is another issue: “save” after typing a comment, even with no rating, leaves a blank rating.

This is a big problem for linux-only games, where people who are unaware (like I was at the time) type “no linux, sorry” into the comment box at the top of the page and save it, without realising they are leaving a rating. Not only does this give the user an exaggerated coolness but it also stops the game from showing up as much, meaning the linux owners will probably never see the linux games and as a result the linux-only games are not being placed in the rankings.

Solution: if a user doesn’t leave any star ratings, don’t count it as a vote.

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  1. I go back and forth on this. Being a person who almost only ever makes Android games, I know where you’re coming from. It would be nice if “I wish I had a phone to play this” didn’t count as a rating, as it would give a more honest accounting of who actually *did* rate the game.

    On the other hand, those who are looking for Linux games can use the (very imperfect) search feature. Goodness knows I did that to find all the Android games I could. I think a better method of categorizing the games would go a long way here as well.

  2. Zelen3d says:

    If you don’t rate, I think you should comment in the bottom box, since the upper box is for ratings.

    • Raptor85 says:

      the problem is notbody does this, generally on purpose since the only way to remove a game from the sorted list is to use the top box also. This basicly means if you’re a platform other than flash, html5, or unity web a good portion of your ratings are blank, constantly moving you off the page of games to be rated since it changes your “default” score for sorting even though you haven’t really been given a rating.

  3. Gornova says:

    An idea could be, when a developer insert an entry, to decide what kind of entry is it:

    web (flash,unity, html5, applet, love, external web site)
    android (apk)
    linux (source, etc..)
    windows (exe, xna)
    java (jar, bat)

    • Zelen3d says:

      Web should be more specific. For example, on linux (that I sometimes use), you can play flash, java(applet) and html5, but no unity. Clicking on a seemingly 2d game that says “web” to find out it is unity is disappointing. And love should be compiled into html5 if I understand correctly. So we should be more specific, and at least write web(unity) or web(flash);

      Then, with html5, some games use WebGL, which doesn’t work on old graphic drivers (for security reasons) and isn’t present in Internet Explorer just because microsoft is a d*ck. So that too is sometimes disappointing.

    • Raptor85 says:

      just shipping source does NOT make it a linux entry, if it says linux there best be an elf executable to run with any shared objects required, source is it’s own thing.

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