MidBoss: post compo version

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January 9th, 2013 9:51 pm



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MidBoss post compo version

So, MidBoss did fairly well in the ratings. I won’t bore you with the full overview, but it came in #81 in fun, and #91 overall. Pretty good! I kind of wish I hadn’t taken Sunday off, maybe it would’ve done better as a compo entry than a jam entry. It’s not like I actually spent the available 72 hours on it, but oh well.

Since the competition I’ve been working on the game, to polish it up and make it more playable. The post compo version is now ready and you can get it here. Keep in mind that I intend to change core gameplay mechanics to make the game easier to balance and maintain in the future! New features include:

  • Dynamic line of sight and lighting
  • Save/resume feature (save scumming is available)
  • Dynamic music system
  • Options menu (also for key rebinding!)
  • Various bugfixes

And that’s not the end of MidBoss, I want to keep developing it further, so if you have any comments or feedback, or want to keep updated on progress, please follow @Enichan!


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4 Responses to “MidBoss: post compo version”

  1. caranha says:

    Awesome! 😀 I’ll be sure to test it once I get home.

    But just say NO to savescumming :-(

  2. caranha says:

    One question about the dynamic lighting:

    In the compo version, aggro monsters would aggro as soon as they got within (screensize/2)-1 distance from you. With full vision, you could avoid this indirect aggro, but without full vision, did you limit the aggro to vision as well? Else the game might get too difficult :-)

    Did I make any sense?

    • Eniko says:

      Yes, I implemented line of sight for the mobs, but without implementing it for the player as well the player basically had way too much information at their disposal. If you can see a mob, it can see you. Visual line of sight is actually slightly more permissive than skill line of sight, for logic reasons. And yes, a mob can lose sight of you. If they do, they’ll continue on to their previous path until they reach their destination, then stop.

      Also I guess I forgot to mention that mobs now have varying detection ranges and detection chances, so there’s a chance you’ll see a mob and it won’t yet have seen you.

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