The Plague v0.2

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January 8th, 2013 10:01 am

My dearest fellow gamedesigners!

Although the submission deadline has passed I haven’t left my project barely finished. It was still in a state where a continuation of development was possible (although the spaghetti-mess in the code seems to be increasing by a power of two with every additional feature), so I continued implementing what I had in mind but did not came around creating before submission deadline.

I took all your feedback in consideration, redesigned the visuals and implementing most of the suggestions, and here we are at version 0.2! So thank you for everyone who played my game during the voting weeks, and I hope you all enjoy this next release.

And you can download it here!

Features list:

  • Two new minion types: shadow beasts and skeletons
  • Three new enemies: pest doctors, villagers (they run away from you!) and wolves
  • Zoomed in the view so the pixelart graphics are better visible on high resolution screens
  • Press CTRL around a claimable area to assign your swarming minions to that area, and stand in the middle to recollect them
  • Updated colours to match better (not my strongest point) and made some more graphical details

The most important feature not implemented: a winning condition :-). Just conquer all you can and create a large minion army!
Unfixed bug: claiming castles is often bugged, try to stand on the exact middle of the square that appears when pressing CTRL.

Kill any enemy to convert it into a minion. Some enemies are too strong, find the weaker ones first. Your minions by themselves are also quite weak, try to create a lot of them first and then swarm the villages.

I would gladly see more of your feedback!
Have fun playing.

Also, screenshot:

The Plague screenshot version 0.2 (update after the contest).

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