Looks like I missed LD25 judging.

Posted by (twitter: @Pitzik4)
January 8th, 2013 9:14 pm

I found time to make a playable alpha version of Prophecy of the Villain for LD25 and submit it to the Jam. Unfortunately, I have not yet had time to finish the game or to judge other games, both of which I would really have liked to do. Oh, well, I can still play the games now.

As another note, it seems like every compo I’ve gotten more ambitious. In LD23, my first Ludum Dare, I completed a rather poor game in 48 hours. In LD24, I completed what I consider to be quite a good game in 72 hours. This Ludum Dare, I aimed to make a top-down RPG, even though I’ve never made an RPG, or even a story-based game, before, and didn’t finish in time. The engine’s quite good in my opinion, though. I’m going to have to remember not to be too ambitious next compo… and not to work on the game engine for too long.


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