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January 7th, 2013 8:45 pm

In your opinion, what is the best way to make a game?

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  1. Pierrec says:

    No seriously, I think the game jams are the best way to learn

  2. Gaeel says:

    Vague as hell.
    I’ll agree with my friend Pierrec here and say that jams are a great way to stop faffing about and actually get to work, especially for dreamers (procrastinators) like myself. So drop whatever you’re doing in April, and join us in making games.

    I guess you’re looking for some tech tips so here goes:
    If you don’t have much programming skill, your best bet is to use a game making environment.
    Pierrec uses Adventure Game Studio if I remember correctly, other popular options are Game Maker, Unity, Multimedia Fusion and Construct. This list if far from complete, but it should get you rolling.

    If you have a background in coding or are willing to follow some relatively steep learning curves, I high-level programming language with a graphics library is a great option. (High-level actually means easy to use. It is opposed to low-level, which involves actually fiddling with the lower levels of computer technology, like memory management).
    I like to use Lua and Love2d, I’ve seen some great games made with Javascript and HTML5 or Python and PyGame

    I would discourage going to C, C++ or other more complex languages for your first game, you will find yourself bogged down in technicalities rather than making an awesome game.

    For graphics, I like to use GIMP, it’s got everything I need, and for audio, I use commercial software, but there’s a free tool called SFXR or BFXR with you can use to make neat retro sound effects.

  3. bentog says:

    Unity is great, fast, and easy :)

  4. Sos says:

    Why is there a ‘mcpixel’ tag?

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