My top three picks for LD25

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January 7th, 2013 8:13 am

Well, there’s under 11 hours to go, now. The deadline really crept up on me. I’d been meaning to do some write-ups on my favourite entries, but with such a small amount of time left, it’s not going to be anything fancy.
In no particular order, I really think you should check out:

The Visitor, by avaki : Play as an alien sneaking onto a spaceship to kill all the humans by cutting the power supply. The catch? Humans are radioactive to your species, turning the wandering crew NPCs into toxic hazards. The level of polish and unique twist of this game impressed me. It only has 8 ratings right now, though, so go check it out!

Young Villain, by Rubsrub : All the pieces come together in this game, where you play as a future villain who hasn’t quite grown up yet.

Sealed Evil, by Neonlare : You are an ancient evil, sealed away…in a can. Squish innocent victims in a variety of locations to earn souls, used to buy some really fun powerups and more levels to stomp around in. Don’t let the slow start and a bug or two get you down. This game is the most fun I had during the competition, and the game I spent the most time on.

Sorry it’s so brief, but I really thought these three games deserved a mention, even with just a little time left. Try them out!

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  1. Volute says:

    Thanks for this nice selection :)

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