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January 7th, 2013 12:14 pm

Finally, after some well deserved holidays, I came back to leave my own post-LD message.

First of all, you can still play and rate my game : BugStory. Don’t forget to leave a comment : it’s my first game done by myself. 😉

  1. Theme
    I’m proud of my idea because it uses my both interpretations of the theme and it came rather quickly. You are a bug playing against the dev – me.
    YOU – it means me reading the sentence – are the villain (I found that fun and different ;D).
    YOU – the player who plays – are the villain (I don’t know a lot of people loving bugs).
  2. Support, Livestream, Friends
    That was nice to see that lot of people were supporting me. Thank You :)
    I reached 12 viewers on my Livestream Channel (around 30 different persons along the week-end) and for a first game I find that cool.
    For those who weren’t here, here is a TimeLapse :

  3. Graphics
    Okay, so last time I played LD24 in Jam with two friends (LD24 – HumanFatality). I drew the character but it took me the whole first after-noon !
    This time I was alone so I had no time to spend on complex graphics (because I’m not a good graphist :/), but I choose a good idea : you can play a bug in a console so I just had to do some ASCII and it fits perfectly to the game.
  4. Coding
    I used my own canvas-JS lib : Momentum. In my advice it was a good start point, but it seriously need to be improved. It helped me to handle animation, but that’s all. I added about 30% of the lib during the compo and I rewrote the whole Class/Object system >< (I lost a lot of time).
    And there was an other problem : collisons. I had never done collisions before and I spent the first day fixing collisions ! (Thanks to my friends who tested the game and found the bugs). Now it's still a bit buggy, especially the jumps against the walls but there are no major issues.
    Although, it wouldn't be a game about a bug if there was no bugs (Yes, that's my explanation for the double-firing of canons :p )
  5. Level Designing, Story
    Here is the nice part. I really enjoyed the level designed, it was so easy because I could simply write a .txt and the game parsed that file and rendered it directly into the game. Here is a comparison between the last level code in my IDE (Komodo) and in the game :
    Comparison : lvl code / game
    I find the difficulty well balanced and some people said me that the game was too short, so they enjoyed. 😉

    About the story, I was absolutely determined to write a fun story because we all prefer fun games, so I simply started with a fight between the computer and the dev, with a cute naive bug.

  6. More ?
    About the music, I simply did not have time (and skill) to create and add a music. :/

    This game was the occasion to try some things. For the first time I was able to publish a game on Kongregate and claim “Hey ! This is my game !”. I was able to share it on my favourite game platform, and it was a good experience.
    The next days I was surprised, it was just just like “OMG ! It works” when I had the surprise to see that I earned a half dollar thanks to my game. (What about clicking on an ad on Kongregate to suport me ? 😛 – In facts I don’t know how that works). I realised that it’s possible to get some “reward” because people enjoy what I do and this is great.

    A last experiment done with my game was to submit it to the Mozilla’s marketplace: BugStory on the marketplace. It’s a place were you can install the game on your computer for free as a real app (works on every OS with Firefox)… and I get 58 downloads on the release day !

Now i finished my summary and you must be thinking that I’m too excited because of my small figures, but these are my first concrete results with my own game and I’m sure that every game developer understand my happiness. I done that thank’s to the LD and that’s why I thank you all very much because you are all awesome. \o/

(Sorry if there are some language mistakes, I’m french and tried my best to write a good post.)

PS : Just don’t forget to check and comment the game. =)

3 Responses to “BugStory – Summary”

  1. PackSciences says:

    As an old Muxxian, I followed your gaming design career.
    I trully liked Bug Story.
    I prefer post my feelings here.
    It’s a good idea making a game in a dialog between computer and user : the bug is the main theme.
    I even think nobody notice graphics because BugStory’s graphics are right for context.
    So good job.
    I’m young and I didn’t made a game but I’m trying very very hard.
    I noticed you were using Komodo, I don’t know, is it useful ?
    How ’bout LD26 ?
    And is a following BugStory a project, or not ?

  2. Demurgos says:

    First I planned to do an improved version of BugStory during the last few weeks but I was too busy. Now I’m focused on my other projets like my JS lib or an other game developed since few months.

    Yes, I think that those graphics are also right for the context.

    For a long time I was on NotePad++, but after months I realised that I need a better tool. I tried Eclipse for few days but it was focused on Java and took too mych time to open.
    Komodo is an IDE based on the Mozilla’s Chrome and it’s free good projet with all what I need : simplicity (I don’t need 15min to set up a new projet) and efficiency (autocompletion is ust magic, it follows your files and complete your own functions, structures, quotes, …).

    Finally, thank you 😉
    (Yes, I’ll try to be “in” for the LD26, maybe in Jam again)

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