The Quite Annoying League late post-mortem and time lapse

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January 5th, 2013 1:03 am


Since I got some great feedbacks on The Quite Annoying League (Thank you!) I thought some might be interested in a time-lapse and post-mortem. So here they are :


Time Lapse  (integration doesn’t seem to work, click the link) :

(some little part are missing, that’s because I used to stop the recording everytime I went out for a cigarettes, and sometimes I forgot to relaunch it when I came back)

The Quite Annoying League Time Lapse par Oujevipo



What went right


The theme

As a lot of people, I was quite sure the theme would be End of the World. So I started to think about some game ideas like 2 or 3 days before the compo, and I came up with many of them. Having a game idea before the compo seemed like a good thing, but deep inside, I knew it was a problem, because 1) I would feel like cheating 2) it wouldn’t be as fun. So, the You Are The Villain ‘s victory was quite a relief!


The train-trip

I spent my three first LDs all alone, I spent the last one with a friend (Jam) and this time, I wanted to do something different, so I went in a LD gathering in Montpellier, 2 hours away from my house. To go there, I had to take the train (yeah, in France, we’ve got trains), and that’s exactly when I got my game idea : a train trip in which people are quite annoying, obviously because that’s what I was living at this very moment. This confirms something : I never ever ever ever got a LD idea in front of my computer, always in a café, a train, or walking in the streets. So…this could be a tip.



The gathering

Working with other people (even if I made the game alone) was very motivating. I was a bit afraid at first, but it turned out to be just great. I met a lot of cool people, I’ve seen them working on their games, some gave me ideas, some lend me some material (microphone…). It was a great experience overall, and very useful too! I never worked that much on a LD : usually, I work something like 30h on my LD games, this time, I worked 42 hours, and wasn’t even sleepy!


Cigarette breaks

My biggest fear was the fact that I wouldn’t be able to smoke in front of my computer as I used to, but it turns out to be great too, because I had to go out to smoke from time to time, and think about the game away from the screen. Once again, that’s when I got the best ideas, and when I decided, for exemple, to restart some things from scratch because it wasn’t that good.


The mini-games concept

My game is in fact made of five mini-games (and some barely interactive cutscene). I think this is a good format for LD games : after 30 hours, I could have submitted my game with 3 mini-games for exemple, or work to add some of them. It’s a very good way to be in times, whatever happens, and I understand why this LD have so much WarioWares minigames in it!




What went wrong



I have a problem with Adventure Game Studio : I can’t find a way to create a skip button to skip many dialogues at the same time. So…replaying the same scenes again and again in the game could be quite annoying. The game being called “The quite annoying league”, people might think it’s meta etc…but in fact, I don’t believe it’s a good thing to annoy the player, even for a laugh, and especially not when he has hundreds of games to rate.




The game has sounds, this is good. But I feel like I cheated by using a train sound from (I warned the players/raters about this, but still), it’s not something I made, and this is frustrating. I wanted to record train sounds myself with my mouth, something funny like repeating “bruitdetrainbruitdetrainbruitdetrainbruitdetrain” (which means “train sound” in french, and actually sound quite like a train sound), but I’m too bad at editing audio, and it wasn’t good at all. On the other hand, I’m quite happy with all the other sound effects I made myself.



And that’s all.

Overall, I feel things went mostly right for me. :)

can’t wait for the next ludum dare


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