The Brink: Po-Mo

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January 3rd, 2013 9:39 pm

Another team radmars game finished!  (whew, this one was a biggun *_*)

This time we went with a top-down ‘brawler-esque’ exploratory thing? Not sure. I’ll refrain from talking too much about what we were ‘going for’ with this game, other than to say we pushed ourselves pretty hard this time. (one might say… to the brink? HA!) 

Emarcotte and Adhesion coded it up~


spacemars got to get his weird on for our lovely character sprites.


Brendo designed the levels, spacemars and tokken made the word-tile sprites~


and Adhesion proved what a boss he is (yet again) with the SFX and music,

more detailed postmortems and goodies inside!


Art Timelapse  *this is kinda NSFW* (spacemars can be rather crude):

Music & Code Timelapse (adhesion) :



Now time for the rants.

Emarcotte: (who broke his previous postmortem word count of 19)

” ”

Adhesion: ( who actually wrote quite a bit this time~)

Whew! This Ludum Dare was pretty brutal – probably the most
collectively difficult one we’ve done so far, though Minimars was way
more personally stressful due to a last-minute insane memory leak. Our
idea gelled at least gameplay-wise relatively early on which was nice,
though lots of little details remained vague for a while which was a
bit frustrating. Scoping was a bit painful – this was probably the
most ambitious game we’ve attempted purely in terms of the amount of
little details, though that didn’t really become clear until we
realized we were really running out of time. Thankfully spacemars came
up with the key thematic aspect to tie the whole thing together on
Sunday. (It’s pretty subtle, but if you figure it out… hoo boy…)
As far as my coding productivity, I wasn’t able to get as much as I
would’ve liked on Saturday, partially because I lost some time to a
silly velocity-related math issue – plus I didn’t have all of Monday
to work like I did last time, so the game suffered a bit for polish,
particularly in the sound department. Audio otherwise went really
well, particularly since I felt like I could be a bit more adventurous
beyond basic chiptune stuff thanks to our theme. The rest of the
coding was pretty much fine too (though I’m not happy with the quality
in some parts – this always happens…) though multiple collision
issues reared their ugly head again thanks to some changes in melonJS
that we didn’t notice. Even though we didn’t do another platformer,
I’d like to do something more adventurous next time – some of the
coding felt pretty paint-by-numbers, aside from standard bugfixing and
whatnot. Also, having a new team member for more art & ideas was great
too of course.

in SUM:

  • melon is a great platform as usual, but have to keep on top of changes to it
  • need to be less vague about details/scope – write everything down and make decisions earlier
  • time management time management time management



“I’m not writing a GOD DAMNED postmortem!”



(has apparently fallen of f the face of the earth, he does this after every LD though so I’m sure he’s fine)



last time I wrote a massive wall of text, so this time ill keep it short.

  • Use Tiled for map editing.
  • I need to find a better tool for making sprite sheets. :(
  • 4-way movable characters seem to take much more than 4x the mental stamina  to make *_*;
  • As usual, the theme wasnt one I picked, but it always seems to work out better that way.
  • Really tired, but really proud of this one. go team! :)

That’s all for this one!

>> Check out the game! << 

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  1. I know I already said this in my review, but I just wanted to say again that I am really impressed with this game. This was one of the few team games that had the unity of vision that I associate with solo design.

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