Path to Death (Post-Mortem)

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January 3rd, 2013 10:31 am

The game

Path to Death (Board)

Path to Death is a turn-based strategy game where you upgrade different locations you hold to defend your last location (the throne) from the enemy forces.

Every location has an attacking value (sword), a defending value (shield) and lives (hearths) for you (pictured at the top of a location) and for the attackers (pictured at the bottom of a location).

The attacking value is the probability to hit, whereas the defending value gives the chance to cancel the attacker’s hit.

The enemies move to the first location, fight against your forces in this place and then move forward to the next location and so on.

Path to Death (Skilltree)

Every location has a skilltree where you can invest the skillpoints you get after each round. They increase the attack values, enable special abilities and more.

My intention was to check out the “skilltree as a game mechanic”, providing a complex or deep game while balancing the mathematics of such systems with a narrative. Now then to my personal evaluation of the game:

What went right

I’m happy that people understand my attempt to propose a dynamic narration given with the skills in the skilltree. I got positive feedback about that, so this went right.
I’m also happy with the visual style of my game. Surely there is a lot of improvable things, but drawing the little icons was fun and satisfying.

What went wrong

I missed (again) to have enough time to test, bugfix and balance the game. There are so many bugs in Path to Death and it’s way too easy. Perhaps it’s a harder challenge to lose…
During the jam I hung around with friends who participated too. This was really fun. But not eating much and not sleeping was (again!) not that good at all. After the weeks passed, I think it was not jamming, but rather physical destruction  : D

My resolution for the next time

Sleep more and make a more accessible game which you can start and just play without getting into abstract background systems.

You can play the game here!


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