One Game A Month

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January 3rd, 2013 7:46 pm

One Game A Month

I’d like to welcome you all to join ONE GAME A MONTH – over 2500 gamedevs have already signed up for this ad-free, noncommercial, “gamedev gamification” site where making games earns you XP, levelups and achievement awards. Bring your career to the next level. This isn’t a game jam: we NEED game jams like Ludum Dare to pull it off. We’d love to have you post any games you make for LD48 compos in 2013. Good luck and have fun!
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10 Responses to “One Game A Month”

  1. lastnameiodfogewiuh says:

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  2. kddekadenz says:

    Sadly I will not have much time I think :(
    A guy out of the development of Kelgar will join, though.

  3. shaneshanekavanagh says:

    This will be a great buzz.

  4. DoctorMikeReddy says:

    2013 is going to be great!

  5. suve says:

    Why using Twitter as log-in? Oh well, at least it’s not Facebook, cause I definitely wouldn’t go for that.

  6. Attrition says:

    I’m in too!

    Going to be a crazy year.

  7. Mlle Eole says:

    @McFunkypants That’s definitely great ! ♥

    And here am I ! :)

    We know that new features represent some hard work, but, do you plan to allow to leave comments on people’s boards ? We thought about it with a friend that this could be useful for the feedbacks. Also, the community is currently splitted between reddit and twitter (and other places ?), so when we have something to share we feel uncertain about the ones to pick and follow. ^^

    But, one more time, it’s really cool. Thanks for this great idea !

  8. UgLeeGames says:

    Awesome so far. Feels good to make games again. ♫

  9. Xgor says:

    Joining this, haven’t done much games yet but hey, got #200 overall latest Ludum dare so that’s something

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