60 Second Bad Boy (post mortem)

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January 3rd, 2013 3:30 pm



Well here we are, two weeks or so after the comp ended and i have to say i enjoyed my first game making weekend as much as i’d hoped too! There’s a nice sense of achievement in my belly at the very thought of my little game existing from out of my fuzzy head and in to the world…. So anyway, enough silly babble and smarmy yarn….


I have fiddled around with pixel artwork for a good while now and this project brought together that harmonious joy of blocky stuff and very limited colour palettes….and that’s what i’m happy with most graphically. The late 80’s style restraint on the palette and the consistency of all the artwork in general. downside is a lack of much animation i guess. My short timelapse video will show you the creation of stuff in more detail: https://vimeo.com/55937163

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Oddly i think the greatest thing from the weekend for me was the matching of overall pace and soundtrack which helps the rather limited gameplay to have way more frantic appeal.  BIG MENTION though goes to TWEAKBENCH : http://tweakbench.com/   for there amazingly good nes/8bit vst plugins that gave me just right sounds to use on this game! cheers them’s guys.


Well it seems my main intentions were to create an old school game with old school game sensibilities….a little too much it seems.

Im pretty crappy at playing games as a rule (except at Burnout 1,2,3 and Lightforce on the ZX Speccy. All challengers welcome!!!) But i do love a good challenge and a way to get around the fact that im also pretty ropey at tight programming (hence the use of good ‘ole Stencyl and very basic mouse click input) was to amp the difficulty curve through the roof!  I wussed out a bit by adding the training bit but i wanted people to at least see all the levels after braking my balls designing the damn things! I really should have made better hit boxes for the objects and a preparation countdown before each 5 second round…… I forgot that most people don’t mind high difficulty if they think its actually fair or totally just the own fault that they lost.


That sums it up, im  pleased with the overall result and glad that a fair amount of you generally liked it, but i have learned a decent lesson about gameplay….. A difficult game  is okay but a FAIR game is better.




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