How many ratings are needed?

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January 2nd, 2013 4:37 am

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you want to place in the final results, you NEED votes. The easiest way to get votes is by rating other games. Judging lasts for 3 weeks following the end of Ludum Dare. For best effect, rate 20 games as soon as possible. Rating more games is encouraged.

Yes, but does anybody has a clue of how many ratings are needed to place in the final results? I’ve got 22 comments, would that be enough? Also, does everybody always comment while rating?

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  1. Wan & Manu says:

    Don’t worry, your game Jelly Hunt has 37 ratings, which is way enough. Not sure what is the exact minimal number, but it’s probably quite low (like 10 or something).


  2. sorceress says:

    The minimum you need to place is 12 ratings, although it’s not quite that simple. 😉

    The actual figure is 10, although the highest and lowest scores are automatically removed to eliminate rogue data (outliers), which is where the figure 12 comes from.

    Note that some people may not rate your game in all categories, by leaving one or more fields as N/A. And when this happens, even though your game is said to have X ratings, it may have less than X ratings in some categories, so may not have the 12 minimum needed to place in that category.

    Furthermore, if a person leaves only a comment to say “I can’t run your game” this (iirc) counts as a rating, even though all fields are left N/A.

    There’s no way you can tell which fields have enough ratings, although with 37 ratings, I’d be very surprised if don’t place in all categories. I would say that 12-18 ratings is the danger zone for not placing in some category.

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