Hi, I’m Matteo Gagliardi, composer of the President vs Eevol sountrack.
I use a 55 pounds vintage Korg keyboard (from 1993) as my main working tool. Its only storage is a 3.5” fdd drive.
It’s mostly made of lead.
I upgraded my DAW for the first time since 2006 last week.
The total cost of my home studio doesn’t exceed 1000$ (excluding the PC).
I’m a Windows user. My DAW works only on Windows and I’m too lazy to change.
I mostly desktops. I have only one laptop, a ten years old Dell Latitude that I use to check the mail.
I value things that lasts. In this world full of short-lived things, music has to be eternal.


President vs Eevol


Hi, I’m Sun Shiranui, President vs Eevol team lead.
Even though Matteo likes going about his equipment and how it’s better than newer technologies, I use a 15″ MacBook Pro for all my computing needs.
It’s portable and sturdy. I also use a Intous 5 M to help me when making graphics and a Keystation 61es MIDI controller from M-Audio when i want to compose.
I don’t have any desktop computers anymore, and I like getting my hands on new technologies.
My setup is pricier than Matteo’s, because Apple likes money, but I still think my investment is worth what I get.
But when making creative work, even though equipment is important, in the end you can make good stuff even with poor resources. Hard work is all that matters!




We know each other since forever and we both love videogames.
With the other Team OR members, we made this game with our heart and our differencies helped to make the game better.
We hope you will enjoy it.
Happy new year from the President vs Eevol team


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We all love goats too!


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