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December 30th, 2012 1:38 pm

Hi everyone!

I thought I’d write a bit of a post-mortem for my game, Thievery, but in doing so decided on something a bit different.  From my git logs for the game, I have a reasonable record of what happened when (and can take a fair guess at the rest), and thought I’d post it to see if it’s of interest.  The stats at the end were interesting for me (:

My game is about helping a thief sneak around and steal gold from houses and pickpocket guards, while avoiding capture by the guards and guard dogs.  Note that the times listed below include a fair bit of time spent on “art” – it was definitely programmer art, so nothing too impressive, but it still took time (:

Saturday December 15

02:00 Theme announced; I'd decided to sleep through and find out in the morning
08:00 Woke up; started getting ready and brainstorming at the same time
08:30 Started work on Thievery
09:08 Got a basic loop running, with newly-created background and placeholder player sprite
10:15 Added player movement
12:53 Added dagger shooting, after spend ages on sprite rotation
13:18 Finished lunch
14:13 Put guard & thief images in
14:46 Can now shoot guards with daggers, using rectangle collisions
14:57 Limited player movement to the screen dimensions
15:45 Back from 45 mins jogging
16:39 Added basic stats, plus dying animations for characters
16:49 Added damage animation
18:51 Added houses
19:20 Wrote some basic level loading code
19:40 Finished dinner
20:31 Fixed rectangle collisions (for daggers/houses, etc)
20:58 Added circle collisions (for living/moving things)
21:46 Added chests
23:54 Added looting
00:30 Guards now chase the player when seen
00:56 Guards now hit the player when in range
01:10 Now reports player death, and forces restarting
02:13 Added guard patrol routes

Sunday December 16

08:00 Woke up
08:30 Back to work
10:03 Guards now move around obstacles, instead of getting stuck
10:23 Added pausing
11:07 Guards now can't see through houses
12:39 Added basic events system and character chatter
13:40 Back from an hour at the gym
14:00 Finished lunch
15:48 Added more events with chatter, and a win screen
16:48 Added guard vision cones
18:00 Back from meeting friends for 45 minutes
18:20 Guard vision cones now turn red when chasing
19:32 Added better level data
19:50 Guards can now only see forwards
20:00 Finished dinner
21:09 Added intro screen
21:15 Guards can now see at 90 degrees at close range
22:09 Added guard dogs
22:35 Added Pickpocketing
00:07 Added sounds, including triggering from events
00:49 Added music - main and win screen
01:30 Windows build fixes: paths, extra keys
01:49 Added guard alerts
01:58 Submitted Linux version
02:00 Deadline for development (start of submission hour)
02:06 Submitted Windows version

Overall totals:

  • Programming: 25 hrs 30 min
  • Art: 3 hrs 45 min
  • Level and other content design: 1 hr 35 min
  • Sounds: 45 min
  • Music: 30 min
  • Breaks, etc: 4 hrs 30 min
  • Sleep: 11 hrs 45 min (+2 hours before LD25 started)

Final points

  • Most fun thing to put in: guard and thief chatter (I couldn’t be too inventive given my tiredness, but it was still satisfying)
  • Next thing I would’ve done if I had time: given the player a way to hide from guards to get away
  • Thing to do for next time: get better at art (;
  • Thing that I wasted the most time on: sprite rotations (got confused about centre-relative vs corner-relative, rotation angles and units, etc)

I had a great time creating this game.  I’m glad that many of you have had a play and enjoyed it, and hope you all enjoyed yourselves making your own games as well (:  Good luck to all in the voting!



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