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December 29th, 2012 3:49 pm

People post the best games they saw, or the most innovative, or something…

There has been alot of original ideas in the contest, and now, I’ll post the WEIRDEST ones. Games that make you go WTF:

BEWARE as some of these are pretty OBSCENE!


 Mitt Romney and the Case of the Sex Doll


This is a weird adventure game, where you play as Mitt Romney. The art and the music are really obscure. Play at your own risk here


You are the Evil Overlord

In this game you play as an evil overlord and all you can do is yell at your minions that are trying to defeat a hero. The whole game is choosing what to yell at them. It is actually pretty fun, and interesting stuff can happen. You can send your goat… Play here


The Filthy Coward


Here, you are some guy that goes in public removing people’s clothes. Your mission is to be as rude as possible without getting caught by the cops (which don’t really do much) Anyways it’s here

Gin Monster Bob

This is a drunken stealth game. You should get to the kitchen without bumping into anything and it all moves. Play it



This isn’t really a game, but a hockey fighting simulator. Bet for your favorite team – the Dicks or the Pussies – here!


If you know any other weird games, post them in the comments!


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