Postmortem: Ladron!

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December 27th, 2012 5:08 pm

We decided to make a game where the player is a thief ready to sneak into a building in the middle of the night. The building is full of people sleeping happily in their rooms with no idea of what is coming!

The thief needs to walk carefully to avoid waking up the occupants. They can hear any subtle noise near them. And God they are merciless! They will shot you right away!

We were fighting all Saturday with the language so we couldn’t complete the game mechanics that day as we have planned. However, we could complete the player movements and a level generator that randomly creates a building with a given number of floors by a given number of rooms and places, randomly as well, a closet and a bed inside each room.


At that point we just had a bunch of colored boxes. Forget any fancy graphics for now. The red object was the player, the brown boxes were the closets the thief had to check to get the loot. The cyan rectangles were the beds where the occupants lay down, the orange objects were “stairs” to go upstairs and the blue objects were other “stairs” to get downstairs. Those weren’t stairs exactly but a kind of teleport between floors.


Sunday and Monday was devoted to program the occupants behavior and the thief’s ability to look for the loot. We also completed the game over screen. Then we create some skins for the thief and the occupants as well as some textures for closets, beds and stairs. At the end of last day we finished the background texture and the startup screen with some directions about how to play.


And that was all folks! We sent the game with no sound effects but we were so satisfied with all the work done. We enjoyed a lot this Jam and we’re looking forward the next one!

Entry can be found here. You can find the postmortem here.

Finally, a timelapse for your pleasure:

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