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October Challenge won, two months late…

Posted by (twitter: @davidsgallant)
December 27th, 2012 12:06 am

During September’s Mini-LD for “no-games”, I started working on The Call. I didn’t finish it in time. Then came the October Challenge.

A brief side story – around the time I started making games in 2011, I had picked up a copy of the HD re-release of Ico & Shadows of the Colossus. I was eager to play (I have never owned a PS2, and thus missed these games when they first came out). However, I decided to keep the game sealed as a form of personal motivation: I would only be allowed to open this game once I made my first dollar from a game. It was my own personal October Challenge, made well before I discovered the Ludum Dare. I failed 2011’s October Challenge – and unfortunately I failed 2012’s as well.

Well, let me amend that. I think I’ve won the 2012 October Challenge. I just won it two months after the fact. That still counts, right?

“The Call” eventually grew into I Get This Call Every Day. Writing the script became a very personal endeavour, and what I thought was going to be a simple comedy game became a very sick representation of one of the little ways my day job was grinding the humanity out of me. I determined to sell it not just for the October Challenge, but in the hope that sharing this experience could also afford me a way out.


I Get This Call Every Day went up for sale on Friday, December 21st, 2012 (or late night on the 20th, depending on your timezone). It’s available for as little as $2, though the option is available to pay more than that. One person paid $100. He later emailed me to tell me his story of two years being stuck in a call centre job like my own. He’ll soon be opening a game store in Columbus, Ohio, and I wish I could meet him so I could hug him in person.

I expected to make a few dollars from friends and family. Instead I have made over $800, and the game has only been on sale for about six days. This isn’t a hefty sum compared to other success stories, but for me it represents so much more. It’s a brand new fucking world for me, now. And I can finally play Shadows of the Colossus.

I wouldn’t be here without the Ludum Dare community. Thank you, each and every one of you.

2 Responses to “October Challenge won, two months late…”

  1. nilstastic says:

    The screenshot reminded me of a game me and a couple of friends created at s school. =)

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