No, Mr. Bond! I expect you to rate some games!

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December 27th, 2012 7:45 am

80 games rated!

This time, I want to highlight some really unique games that I have played so far. These games go the extra mile to be a little bit different, bringing something new to the LD environment. Watch and learn!

  • Super Escape – by Saspiron
  • This game can best be described as a “Turn based platformer”. You control a character with your mouse, as he walks and jumps through very fast traps. Thing is: if you don’t move your mouse, the traps won’t move either! Great concept, some nasty bugs.

  • Red Legion – by DeathBySnail
  • Normally I don’t like “story” games, but this one is great. Not only it has an interesting, funny story, but it also managed to include a typing based fighting mechanics that is actually relevant to the storytelling.

  • Burglary – by Tobias Wehrum
  • Burglary is a sneaking-and-lighting game with two interesting twists: You control the light level, and a very interesting unlocking minigame. The difficulty of the unlocking game is based on the current light level, so you have to balance how much you see the world, how easy the lock-unlock is, and how easy it is for your enemies to notice you.

  • Ante-christmas – by nSun
  • This game does a great job at replicating those old liquid display “game and watch” series. Not only on the graphics, but also on the play style, and the overall feel. If you are older than 20, prepare to be awash by the nostalgia.

  • Space Greed – by lotusgame
  • A multiplayer game with two games in one: The game is a top down shoot them up, but you also get to build your own base, which will be the game stage for other players. The idea is quite fun, but balance isn’t quite there yet: It is pretty hard to get money to build up your own base – so it gets old rather fast.

    Hope you liked the reviews. I will take an extended break for the new Years, and I will be back to rate more games after the 5th! I hope I can break the 100 barrier!

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  1. Thanks a lot for putting my game in the list! I feel honored :)

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