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December 25th, 2012 10:07 am

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I’m currently working on a postcompo version for my LD#25 game: Blob Revolution. I’m fixing the “bugs” highlighted during the rating weeks, adding some content, etc. This post will keep track of my progression. I’m obviously accepting any suggestion 😉



[screenshot level 5a] [screenshot level 5b]

Display more for postcompo modifications (done & pending).


Gameplay modifications

– Hold system –
Many players complained about the hold system, kinda buggy in the compo version. I recoded it in another way.
Done & Uploaded: better maneuverability, no more “flying”, you can now hold for how long you want to.
Coming soon: improved vertical jumps.

– Jumping –
Done & Uploaded: no more “wall sliding”.

– Shooting –
Done & Uploaded: better collision detection while shooting, can shoot while “holding” (opposite side).

– Misc –
Done & Uploaded: death/level reset DO NOT reset checkpoint (quarters) progression any more; save points added on some levels.
Coming soon: unlockable power-ups (higher jumps, double jumps, etc.).


Level design

– Level modifications –
Coming soon: some modifications on the boss level & the “story telling”.

– New levels –
Done & Uploaded: 4 new levels with new entities & gameplay.



– Graphics –
Coming soon: improve some sprites/animations, add some more.

– Audio –
Coming soon: new music (different tracks?), new/more sfx.

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