Rest in Pixels Post-Mortem

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December 24th, 2012 12:36 pm

Well, to begin with, it’s worth of notice that “Rest in Pixels” was our first game EVER. Not a single Team member had ever made a game before. So, the “what went wrong” part is a little heavier than the “what went right”.


Rest in Pixels by Overlord Game Studio

Rest in Pixels by Overlord Game Studio


What went Wrong:

Time Management:  If this was our firs game, obviously this was our first jam. Being so, we had LOTS of problems with Time Management, that including sleep time, eat time, smoke time, coffee time…

K.I.S.S. : We didn’t have any clue about how to keep things simple, at the begining. So, we started by developing a GREAT idea of a HUGE game (25 lvls with ass-kicking almost realistic art) and about 2 hours later, our faces were smashed against the huge clock of game jam reality. We had to make it simple and the art was reduced to squares and basic colors (but we kept the 25 lvls concept). Many many hours later, with only 40 minutes to upload the game, I had to cut off 80% of the levels we had planned because we ran out of time and the levels were not ready yet.

Final GameThe final game is nothing close to what we expected it to be. The art is ok, the code is ok and the levels are ok. We wanted it to be great. We all got very sad about our failure to manage our time and complexity.


What went Right:

We finished it! :  Even  if  “Rest in Pixels” is not the great game we wanted it to be, it will always be our firstborn and WE MADE IT TO THE END. The feeling of being able to finish the game was enough to make us feel awesome at the end.

We learned A LOT :  After all the struggle and hours of development, we have learned more about making games than we had in the last six months! This was an amazing experience and we´ll absolutely be comming back!


Thank you all for the comments and ratings. We are doing our best to rate as many games as we can!

if you have not played “Rest in Pixels” yet, CLICK HERE to play it!

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