Montpellier gathering post-mortem

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December 24th, 2012 5:47 am

The Montpellier real-world gathering was a great success, and hopefully we’ll be able to organise a similar gathering next time around :)

Here you can see Gaael and FlowerPower engaged in “witty” banter while Pierrec (in Black), Niavlys (blond), Doelia and company are hard at work. On the right you can see our buffet (the participants got a LOT of food) and Christmas tree, and perched up on top of the mainframe in the corner of the room is the web-cam we used to stream the event.

Gaeel, Agamgad and I did a radio interview for the event. We were also all interviewed on site by Fight4Game, who’ll be putting cutting together an interview and putting it on their site. I was called in on Saturday morning to present the event (as the “final boss”) in French after 15 minutes of sleep, so I can’t vouch for anything I said 😮

Interview by Fight4Game

In the background you can see the projector where we put up the countdown, the LD twitter feed and the live-stream, depending on the overall mood.

I’ve gathered together list of the games produced by the participants. Unfortunately I’m not on it myself: I spent a lot of time getting things ready and as a result had to spend the weekend catching up on course-work rather than making games :(

Hopefully next-time we’ll have the process a bit more stream-lined – I can’t wait: after seeing all these amazing entries come together I’m aching to make a game 😀


“The quite annoying league” by Pierrec

Pierre had a rather bad experience on the train coming over from Marseille – you’d never guess 😛 This is my personal “coup de coeur”, and if it wins a medal I’m claiming 100% of the credit: after all if Pierre hadn’t taken the train to come join us he’d never have been so… inspired. Made with AGS (Windows).

The quite annoying league by pierrec


“Trainsaw” by Znoraka

The French rail-service seems to have been an inspiration for more than one participant 😉 Made with Java.


“Godwin” by nitramgc

Swing Swing Submarine’s epically-bearded programmer apparently doesn’t like Batma- euh I mean “Bhatmann”- very much. Swing Swing are awesome: you should buy their game. Immediately. Made with Unity (Windows / Web).

Godwin by nitramgc


“Fuuuuuu” by Agamgad

A game about anger-management through the destruction of inanimate objects. My friend’s first ever game – a stepping-stone to greatness 😉 Made with Game Maker (Windows).

Fuuuuuu by Agamgad


“For the love of the king”
by FlowerPower

Sometimes the ends justify the means, even if the means involve the mass slaughter of poor people so the rich don’t starve. Reminds me of the economic crisis. Made using HTML 5.

For the love of the king by FlowerPower


“Villain – the game” by Arihy

Another first game made in 48 hours. The Ludum Dare is a good way to start in my opinion :) Made using Unity (Windows / Web).

Villain - the game by Arihy


“Somso” by Niavlys

Niavlys was very indecisive, so ended up making multiple prototypes before settling on one. It’s rather abstract, but the movement feels good and you can tell he had fun with the procedural sound-effects! Made with HTML 5.

Somso by Niavlys


“Crobal and friends” by Gaeel

A game about a happy monster who just wants to play. Gaeel (who is Welsh and isn’t called Gaeel) decided to teach himself LWJGL, OpenGL and procedural animation in 48 hours: what a show-off! Made using Java (LWJGL OpenGL).

Crobal and friends by Gaeel


“Minelia” by Doelia

A cross between mine-sweeper and tower-defence. For those who don’t speak French “Niveau” = “Level”, “Cibles restantes” = “Remaining targets” and “Recommencer” = “Restart”. Made using HTML 5.

Minelia by Doelia

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4 Responses to “Montpellier gathering post-mortem”

  1. Strkl says:

    Vous avez du bien vous éclater 😀

  2. ReveLorenfield says:

    Bravo, j’avais pas fait gaffe qu’il se passait quelque chose à l’UM2 pour le Ludum Dare :p

    • wilbefast says:

      De même qu’en France il faut un RIB pour avoir un appartement et une adresse pour avoir un compte bancaire… pour avoir le locale il nous fallait d’abord savoir qui allait y être et pour lancer les invitations il fallait savoir si on avait un locale! La prochaine fois on essaierai d’organiser ça avec un peu d’avance – on va se lancer dès le nouvel an dans la recherche d’un locale pour Avril 😉

      D’ici là il y a le GGJ: il me semble que Kawenga va héberger un rassemblement Montpellieraine. Guillaume de SSS (nitramgc) organise l’événement Parisienne avec son binôme William (pas moi, un autre William). Bref, il y a de quoi s’occuper ^_^

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