The making of Bag a Bride

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December 23rd, 2012 9:04 pm


This was an epic experience for me, as a Ludum Dare and game jam first timer.

About the theme

How to define a Villain? Someone who does bad things? What about tiger that eat other animals? how awful is that, would tiger be classified villain? I think not, as it happens everyday, and common sense that tigers eat other animals. So, a villain is someone who goes against the RULE, in this case, tiger that eat other tiger is a villainous tiger! (because tiger don’t normally eat other tigers right?)  But even then, thats not villain, tiger is a beast, its not mankind, we do not share empathy (that much) for a beast, therefore, I narrowed the definition of Villain down to mankind. Specifically, adults that appears to be a normal person that intentionally victimize others. So the idea of kidnapping brides at wedding ceremony is born…


About the game play

So the idea is kidnap the bride at wedding right? How do we do it, do we bust our way in, kicking the grom’s arse, then finally when every obstacle is cleared, you get your price, OR, we could do it the sneaky way that somehow you should remain hidden until the bride is captured. I decided that going rambo in a wedding will distract the main theme too much, and turn the game into a violent fighting game, so I settled on the sneaky option.

The villain must be some distance away from the bride, and a rope is the natural and classical choice for kidnapping, a sack or bag is the choice to attach the bride to the rope.

Now I have the core gameplay, everything is a go!

Making the physics rope 


The physics engine I use is Chipmunk.js. One of the challenge is how to make inexpensive but realistic rope. I don’t want to chain primitives as it will be expensive and unstable. I found a solution here, basically, the rope consists of 4 bodies, joint together with 3 slide constraint, the middle 2 bodies acts as control points, and finally a cubic bezier curve, through the start to the end via those 2 control points. In the end, the rope turned out to be pretty good!

Making the Art

Prior to Ludum Dare, I took a crash course in pixel art by following SolarLuneTube’s youtube videos its a great set of tutorial, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to learn pixel art. But just by watching video alone won’t make you an artists, practice is the real learning process. The first day, my pixels were CRAP, but I was pretty satisfied with my pixel on the second day, especially the protagonist, the bride, and the tree.

protagonist villain




Learning how to do pixel art is really my prize in this 48hr game jam, that I would otherwise not be motivated!

Making the Sound

I recorded “lahhh” of myself, put it in SunVox then played them with different pitch. The result is the priest speaking perfect gibberish, because the effect turned out to be so good, I decided to let SunVox sang the wedding song with my “lahhh” sound. My girlfriend’s scream was perfect too (she recorded it willingly without me pinching her or freaking her out). The rest of the effects were done in BFXR.

What Went Wrong

  1. No in game tutorial! – Even as I have included the “How to play” instructions, some people still can not figure out how to bag a bride!
  2. No aiming and power vector! – I simply ran out of time to implement this feature
  3. Bugs! – Rope max length was suppose to reset to the distance between the protagonist and the bride upon catch, dialogue sometimes does not close, and couple of other bugs
  4. Only 5 levels – Again, time was precious as I lose my sleep and finish 3 hour before submission.

What Went Right

  1. Physics! – Chipmunk Js works pretty well with Cocos2d-html5.
  2. The Rope! – The rope turned out to be awesome, the cubic curve made it looks natural, the pulling script pulls the bride towards the protagonist bit by bit was fun to watch
  3. The Art! – I am very happy about how my art turned out, especially the protagonist, the tree, and the bride, I like how my colors turned out to be vivid and warm. Not all Villainous game have to be dark and gloomy.
  4. The Sound – They turned out to be funny as hell. I love the opening music, you can stay in the intro screen to hear the full song!


Make the game finished, maybe publish it to game sites, IOS and android through Cocos2d-x Javascript binding.

TimeLapse and game link

Play Bag a Bride here (html5 web) Rate here
leave a comment so I can play and rate your game too!

Merry Christmas to all!

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  1. csanyk says:

    Great writeup. Thanks for the pixel art tutorial link:)

  2. haxpor says:

    Yeah, thanks for the pixel art link, and especially rope physics link. Pretty interesting forming rope physics there.
    I do agree that chipmunk works really well with cocos2d-html5.

    Thanks for sharing this.

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