“Flamento, Tapas & Siesta” Post Mortem

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December 23rd, 2012 8:51 am

“Flamento, Tapas & Siesta”

This year I started working, maybe that’s why I forgot the “Ludum Dare” until Thursday, so I could only take part in the final vote.
Upon seeing the themes I felt that games would connect better with the themes being 2D, it was just a thought.

Next morning, at 8:00 (GMT +1 Ludum starts at 3:00) saw what was the theme: “You are the villain”.
Great! the day before had been talking with my coworker about making a game that would represent the situation of Spain.

So first of all I needed a villain, one of the real ones.


The goal is to maintain high global opinion while you censures and manipulates the manifestations of civilians.
The are manifested outraged against:
  • The rescue to the banks,
  • Cuts in research while maintaining support to the Catholic Church,
  • Cuts in health, privatization of public health
  • Cuts in education and manipulation of the mass
  • Evictions
  • Animal abuse, rejection of bullfighting as culture


Logically, we have the power to silence the masses, but look carefully, because among the citizens are found important members of powerful groups:

  • Bankers subsidize our campaign so we can manipulate the police and ask them to help us clear manifestations.
  • The plainclothes police will create riots that will allow police charges against civilians.
  • The clergy will approach children, more than usual, and they will instill that SCIENCE is not necessary to understand the universe.
  • Bullfighters will extol the patriotism and customs most conservatives.
  • Mass media will flood the news with sports content.


If you cut the posters that compromise them you will get his favor, while if you hurt them you will lose it. Arrived the moment you can ask them to aid you through:

  •  Infallible police charges,
  • Bull fights
  • Celebrations of “La Roja”
  • Visits of important members of the clergy


¿How many people you can bring down?

Tools: Flashdevelop, Paint.net
Libraries: flixel, Photonstrom
hardware: a broken wacom graphire 2

Conclusion: I have enjoyed and I think people who play may laugh at such a ridiculous and incomprehensible situation in which we are immersed the Spanish, at the same time they will discover that in Spain not everything is “Flamenco, Tapas & Siesta”

You can play the compo version here: http://bit.ly/FlamencoTapasAndSiesta

But if recommend you play the “tweaked”  version which has been equilibrated for better gameplay without adding new content, just changing speeds, spawn times and bonus values.

I hope you enjoy it and share the link to create global conscience about Spain and its current state, see you!

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