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December 23rd, 2012 11:30 am

Hello there everyone.

So, it’s been almost a week since Ludum Dare 25 finished. In the meantime, I’ve managed to rate 50 games, and I’ve noticed most of them via the rating system, so it was a complete mixed bag o’ games. Here are 7 Compo entries that you might find interesting & maybe haven’t played before.

Elevator Evil by 8bitDamage

In Elevator Evil, you play as an evil elevator which is trying to blow the brains out of some people by dropping them off the wrong floor. It gets kinda confusing in the late game, but this doesn’t change the fact that you’re going to have some serious fun while playing.

Monologuer by Devenger

Monologuer is a hilarious game where you, the mastermind villain, try to explain your evil plot to your victim while his friends are coming to rescue him. Of course, you should try to talk to your victim as much as you can while you stop the rescuers from reaching your prisoner by placing spike traps and activating them on the right time. While playing this game, you should also read what our villain is saying as most of the text written is really funny.

Red Legion by DeathBySnail

Red Legion is a short, story-driven game that you should check out, partially because of the bad jokes, but mostly because of the good storyline. :)

The Quite Annoying League by pierrec

The Quite Annoying League is a quite intriguing adventure game with a good sense of humor. You’re trying to annoy your victims, but you should balance your actions carefully as you might make them call the police, or right to the opposite, you might actually make them like you, which you might find quite annoying. :)

Stop Him Now! by TijmenTio

Stop Him Now! is a first time entry with solid gameplay as you’re playing as an army of evil birds trying to stop the good guy by bumping him on the head or firing a rocket at him – which is easier-. Reverse platformer with some nice ideas.

Eaten by wzl

Eaten is a game with hilarious sound effects where you’re a cannibal who’s killing and eating people on the streets. There are a few uncompleted features but the game is still fun to play in its current state. “Yum yum yuuum!”

Evil Keeper by XmmmX

Evil Keeper is a game where you build your own dungeon, try to attract heroes with treasure and kill them with vicious traps and fireballs before they can escape. There are a few unimplemented features that might be available on a post-compo version later, so I’m keeping this on my watch-list.

So, these are a few good games you might want to play. This LD was a great experience and I’ll continue to play and rate games during the judging period. If you liked a couple of these games, or if you’re the developer of one of these games, please consider to drop in on my game page and leave a comment on my game too. :) You might find it interesting.

Mister Misbehave by arhpositive (me)

Mister Misbehave is a reflex game where you’re trying to misbehave in as many places as possible while trying not to get caught by the villagers who are quite angry at you for stealing their goats and doing many other bad stuff. You should try it. :)

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  1. caranha says:

    Thanks for the reviews! I loved monologuer!

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