Korruptor – Post Mortem

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December 22nd, 2012 9:09 am

First, gameplay video:

Play the game here.


Time spent:

Day 1: code, place holders (10 hours)

Day 2: graphics: main character, model & textures (7h), city (9h)

Day 3: business and punk characters, models & textures (6h), animations (4h), Sounds & Music (0.5h), Misc guitar model, level (1h)

What went right:

  • Concept. I feel this is the first time in a LD that I have a solid, basically fun game concept. It matches the theme pretty well and I implemented the game to a point where the concept is clear. So I’m happy I was inspired to find this idea.
  • Character art: I’ve been working hard on improving my programmer art. The time I invested paid off and this time the characters are better than last time.
  • Combo system. I implemented a combo system that doubles the points you can make by corrupting a soul for each one you do in a quick succession. For me it made the game a lot more fun to play as there was an incentive to really master it. Unfortunately it’s unlikely that anyone else is going to play the game that much.
  • I had some praise about the music and those people are probably going to go back and change their vote when they learn it took me 5 min to generate and export a randomly generated song with Band-in-a-Box

What went wrong:

The controls are universally being described as bad or confusing. I think it’s actually a combination of problems:

  • Orbit camera: It was meant to be temporary and I can see why it’s confusing. It doesn’t affect the gameplay and while you could just position it behind the character and then ignore it, that’s not clear to the player. I knew that, I just ran out of time before I reached that point on my todo list.
  • Delay in firing: I did the character animations near the end and when I integrated them it introduced way too much reaction delay. Unfortunately I was already in crunch mode and I didn’t have the time to fix the problem. The turning around animation while looking cute also made that feature completely useless due to taking too much time.
  • Lack of any aiming indication. The plan was to replace the orbiting camera by a chase cam and then use the mouse to aim.

Other than the control issues:

  • The overall time spent on graphics was not optimum. I spent time on sub-pixel detail on the main character that you can barely see even in the full-screen version, but the city and road that fill most of the screen are not that detailed.
  • I wasted too much time at the beginning before I got started, I only had my final idea 17h into the event and it took time until I was really working full speed.
  • I made the city too big, half of it is basically unused. Also even though it’s not the first time I do that, I still did a poor job of planning the modular elements which cost me time and resulted in some z-fighting and holes.
  • No levels. I would have liked unique challenges and a more linear level based game than the current open go for the points system.




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  1. I think you’ve advanced a bit beyond “programmer art” at this point, Codexus. The game looks really neat.

  2. frivstar says:

    Good game! I often play flash game at http://www.frivstar.com

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