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December 22nd, 2012 2:11 pm

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LD#25 was my second participation, and the second game I created. Before participating at the 24th Ludum Dare, I couldn’t just go and make a game. I am terrible at drawing, and always wanted to find a graphist before starting to code any game.

Ludum Dare forced me to be a graphist, and even a compositor. I learned that I was in fact capable of creating my own games without any help. And now that I have my new computer, I’ll be able to start making more games soon, with Haxe instead of HTML5 (the only thing my previous computer could run..).

You can find the timelapse here:


What went right

Time management.
Unlike LD#24, this time I was able to have a finished game before the compo deadline. I spent way less time procrastinating, something like < 5% (40% for LD#24). I avoided spending too much time on a bug, by fixing it the easy/quick way.

Playable at any time.
I rushed over a playable version the 4 first hours of this LD, so that I had a game to submit at any time after that. Using git gave me that opportunity. I could then add content without worries, even 1 hour before the deadline.

Kept it simple.
I am no graphist nor compositor, so I kept both simple to be able to have a fair amount of content in the end. The background took me a few minutes (The Gimp), vectorial shapes were made easily with Inkscape, and sfx + music took me less than 15 minutes in total (besides the two computer crashes). And in the end, I’m quite satisfied with the result =)

Focus & Health.
Although I have headaches every day lately, I haven’t had any problem during this Ludum Dare. I was able to focus the whole weekend, without starving (couldn’t buy snacks for LD#24), with no exhaustion while not sleeping much, with sugar (candies *o*) and with cigarettes to help me fight my hyperactivity (didn’t have any for LD#24). Those helped a lot against procrastination.


What went wrong

Less catastrophic than LD#24, but I had no good ideas. I had some, but too risky (involving good IAs) or not that great (the one I chose). I needed some drawings and more story telling to make this one really fit the theme, but couldn’t do it.

I forgot to launch chronolapse for the first hours, lost some more hours of screenshots with ffmpeg later, and forgot again to launch it after sleeping.. My timelapse could have been exhaustive, but well.. I’ll be more cautious next time x)

Computer performances.
My computer gave me a hard time again. Poor performances implied creating a game without knowing how it would really run on a decent computer, and resulted in a game a little speedy. I had a crash while trying to make the music (when my timelapse ends), and a second one while trying again. I ended up with only my test music (I was trying the instruments), and I used it in the submitted game. It was funny to see that it pleased some players xD



Play / Rate game:


Demo (first 5 levels):

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