Is this controversial?

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December 20th, 2012 1:43 pm

At first I wasn’t very inspired by the theme. I had voted it down. At first just because I wasn’t inspired by it, but with the recent school shooting, anything where you would play a villain with guns was unthinkable. Not that I’m afraid of a controversial subject. In my opinion, games as a cultural expression has every right to bring up sensitive subjects, just like books and movies can. But this time we had gathered over 10 people at our office for a Ludum Dare gathering. It wouldn’t be appropriate to cry by the computer, I thought.

My first ideas not involving crazy people with handguns were pretty boring: just reversing classic game ideas like Pacman or Donkey Kong. The funniest idea I had was one where you would play one of the aliens in Space Invaders. (“Keep the formation, soldier!”) But that’s more fun as an idea than when executed.

In the end I came up with a conceptĀ  that was controversial, but perhaps a bit more subtle. It seems nobody that has played the game hasn’t even noticed. Was I too subtle, or have we gotten so numb that we don’t even react when men, women, children and goats are slaughtered in a way similar to what’s been happening recently in the real world?

Play My First Ping Pong Massacre


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  1. Tommislav says:

    I think it was a bit macabre when I played it, and remember wondering if a lot of the entries would have this grim undertone. That was why I myself tried to use a lot of humor and silliness to tone the theme down a bit =)

  2. 7Soul says:

    I think sometimes people over-analyze things a bit too much. Like there are no other games where you kill innocent people…

  3. bradleypollard says:

    I didn’t even realise I was killing anythingin your game till the final score screen. Maybe it would have been more obvious if you had rendered sprites of whatever was meant to be in each building when you hit it?

  4. @7Soul: Yes, there are games where you kill innocent people. The question is, why aren’t we upset about that? Should we?

  5. haxpor says:

    I don’t think we should be that much serious about the theme of gun and shooting. In some times, ideas come out that way but it’s totally innovated and twisted in some ways. Not to shut the door at the first time, but in any case, maybe we try to avoid some ideas to pursue another, that’s great to improve ourselves.

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