D = Default = R – C, except not quite that simple

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December 20th, 2012 10:55 am

So for example, my game’s rating numbers, right now…

D = 47 =

R = 22

C = 24.


Except not quite that simple.  I mean, I guess not.  22-24 = -2, not 47.  What do these number mean?  R = Ratings, C = Coolness, what is “Default”?

I take this to mean that I’ve been rated 22 times, and I have rated 24 games.  But I don’t get what the “default” number 47 is, or how a slightly more complicated subtraction of R – C somehow equals 47.

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  1. Per says:

    Yeah, that is a very confusing subtraction :)
    Whatever they use for kind of formula, it seems to do a good job of making games visible that “deserve it” (high coolness relative to ratings).

  2. Jiggawatt says:

    It has something to do with how many ratings you have. If someone has R5 C5, their game has more visibility than someone with R40 C40. The 47 is just some kind of a base number that rises with the ratings.

  3. AnnaGavaldaKedavra says:

    It means that visibility is based on the ratings you make and the ratings you get, the actual formula is more criptic than R-C= D and we don’t need to have it.

  4. Patacorow says:

    No! Stop talking about D! It will create a black hole!!
    Some things just can’t be tampered with!!!!

  5. sorceress says:

    D = 50 + R – 5*sqrt(C’)

    where C’ = min(C, 100)

    So basically, when you rate a few games, you get lots of ratings back. But as you rate more games, you get diminishing returns.
    Rating 1 game earns you 5 ratings back.
    Rating 25 games earns you 25 ratings back. Break even.
    Rating 100+ games earns you 50 ratings back.

  6. Per says:

    That is a very good formula for getting everyone involved. It is also great that you can’t really tamper with it beyond 100 ratings.
    I have never seen any use of L though. The “looser” part of the equation, if it is even in there :)

  7. mrhill says:

    I think the math is more like (C/(C+R))*100, that is the procentage of games you rated. so if you rated as many games as you have received review from, that would giva a default of 50 %

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