Post Mortem

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December 19th, 2012 7:16 am

What went right

-Even though we all live in different countries with different time zones and no one knew each other(we met each other a week and a half before the Ludum Dare), it went really smooth. Awesome guys.

-All the game mechanics were easy and fun to do.

-The gameplay is fun(my opinion).

-The discussion after the theme release was fun, everyone gave their input/ideas.

-The art and the music are really good.


What went wrong

-The choice to use GameMaker Studio to do this. I should have used my own engine or the 2D framework i’ve made for unity. The Html5 port for of GameMaker break the game.

-I spent a lot of time on the stair system trying to make it feels right and work with the AI(even though the AI is not working perfectly), but i redone the stair system 2 or 3 times.(So much time for an easy thing =/ ).

-The AI. I needed more time to polish the AI. In the last few hours did some things that broke the AI(careless mistakes).

-Even though i like the controls, some people said that the controls are weird. I had no idea how to map the controls on the keyboard, i think the game is better played with a joystick.

-Monday around 3pm there was a hail storm that happens once or twice a year(blame it on Murphy) in the city i live in(Goiânia – Brazil). I live in the outskirts(outside actually, almost an rural area) of the town so i lost power for almost 3h.

-No time to make the online highscore that i wanted. Shame =/.


What i wanted to do

-An hideout(between levels) to craft and upgrade your gadgets.

-More game modes.

-Super heros with super powers(shoot lasers and etc).


This Jam was really fun, it was really fun to work with the team, no stress at all(aside the time that i went out of power). I spent most of     my time play-testing the game and making small adjustments to make it feel nice. The game came out pretty good for our first Jam.

Game page:


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  1. Ariake81 says:

    amazing artwork, well done!

  2. zimra says:

    I agree, really good artwork !

  3. TyrusPeace says:

    This is a really funny idea for a game. Great usage of the theme!

    Best of luck to you guys; your game is great :).

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