It’s simple. We, uh, rate the games!

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December 19th, 2012 2:07 am

I got luck and had a nasty flu this week. This made me be stuck at home for a whole day – and this time was well put into rating games :-)

When I first heard the theme, I thought about a few ways that the theme could be approached: simple villain dressing, reverse-games, or villainous game design. I should have kept my trap shut. In just playing a few dozen games, I saw some very interesting approaches to the theme.

Today I want to highlight some games with such interesting approaches. Go play them!

  • Evil Wall, by Zaszx
  • This was the first time Zaszx joined the LD. It shows – the graphics of his game are really simplistic, and the game is lacking a lot of polish. That said, he had a genial idea for the gameplay: You play as a ghost that can turn into walls. There are “good guys” in the game area, and a “bad guy” is trying to kill them. The bad guy is evil and slow, he cannot catch the good guys. There is where you come in – your character can materialize and become a wall, blocking the path of the good guys so that the bad guy can catch them.

    What is so fantastic about this idea, is that this game makes you FEEL evil based on game mechanics alone. You could stay put. You could not interfere. But you do, you stand in front of the good guys who are trying to flee from the bloodthirsty evil guys. You FEEL evil while playing this game, in spite of the bad graphics and no sound.

  • Meteors: Look at them go, by Fonserbc
  • This is another very different game. You observe the earth as it succumbs to a deadly asteroid shower. You can click on the asteroids and move them around a bit, to mess with the earth’s defense, but in the end your actions don’t affect the end result too much. This is one of the main faults of the game, which otherwise is quite fun and creative.

  • Cure 48 – By Sonnybone
  • In this game you play as the hero… until you find out that you’re not. I won’t say much as to not spoil the game, but it is really worth your time. If nothing else because of the gorgeous musical score and the very polished feel given by Sonnybone.

  • Ludum Dare Musical – By ILO
  • another unique take on the theme. In this game you are literally the villain — of a musical! The game simulates a school play, where your character has the role of the villain. The partner, controlled by the CPU, will sing a verse, and you have to pick a matching verse, taking into account the rhyme and the contents of the verse, as to fit your villainous persona. Very original.

  • The Villain Complex – Maxim Schoemaker
  • This game’s take on the theme is interesting, but it is not what hooked it to me. It was the very original idea of letting you design the weapons available in the game. This game is a shooting platformer, and between each level, you can change the weapon’s range, strength, fire rate and many other properties at will. The enemies will be equipped with a random selection of the weapons that you create, which makes an interesting dilemma: make strong weapons, and your enemies will eat you alive. Make weak weapons, and you can’t properly use them against your opponents.

Hope you enjoy these suggestions, and please play my game as well! Feel free to plug your game in the comments, I will give it a fair shake :-)

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    Thanks for making reviews :) Will try your game this afternoon. Here is mine:

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