So as anyone who has already played my Wario-Ware like game “60 Second Bad Boy” knows (and a big super thanks and hand claps to all who have so far….)

Here it is the cheeky scamp of a game:

What have i learned so far…. It’s bloody hard to beat all the levels!!!!   So sorry for any RSI- like mouse clicking strain (someone has already had that happen to them… oops, sorry!) Its a bit harder than i thought while i was building it. but the intention was to make it old school hard so kind of a big win for me there at least!?!… I guess it was way easier for me to beat it as i knew the levels (obviously, silly me 😛 ) and was play testing it very,very often, which is dead easy when each round only lasts 5 seconds.

So anyway….. THE GAUNTLET HAS NOW BEEN LAID DOWN LADIES ‘N’ GENTS!!!!!!!  limber up and become the first ULTIMATE BAD BOY(or girl!) to beat my evil game.

oh wow, i guess this has all become a bit meta and im now the over arching villian inviting people to play my evil game about a villian…… nice, i’ll take that and use that to explain the game next time to make it sound more pretentious and arty! :)

or maybe not.

well post a comment on my page if you manage to beat this naughty arsehole of a game and i will praise you highly and allow you passage into the exclusive “ultimate bad boy club!” (which is just a name really, no free shit or parties im afraid..)

Here’s a link to a lovely timelaspe of the last 5hr crunch (condensed to 4mins ish) of me doing the childish pixel art and stupid fast music for the last levels. enjoy hombre’s.

60SEC BADBOY – last 5hrs tlapse from Matt Clarke – PORTFOLIO on Vimeo.


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