Crobal and friends, post-mortem

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December 19th, 2012 3:48 am

Crobal and friends

Mixed feelings folks, mixed feelings.

I mean, I totally made a game in 3D, I learnt the basics of OpenGL, and I did it. I also learnt all the side stuff to that, exporting models and UV maps in Blender, texturing models with GIMP, and importing and rendering that shizzle with Java and LWJGL

But there REALLY isn’t much to this game.

I mean, people are getting used to my LD games having little to no actual gameplay. Solitas Exodae was the pioneer in the “pretty thing with no gameplay” genre I am defining. Solitas Exodae was followed next LD with Robot in the Garden, which didn’t yield quite the same success (more about that here), but definitely confirmed my distinctive “Hey this is cute, but erm… what am I supposed to be doing? Oh… Nothing… Kay…”-inducing games.

Now understand, I’m actually more of a fan of gameplay-rich games, give me Angband over Final Fantasy anyday, but for some reason, during LDs I spend so much time tweaking the visuals that gameplay gets boiled down to pressing arrow keys to explore the world.

So here goes…
What went well:
> I totally made a game in 3D, what up with that bro?
> The character is procedurally animated, that was fun
> I learnt Java (I knew some Java from school, but I learnt so much more here)
> I grew confident in my modelling skills
> Also, this was made at the LD gathering at my university here in Montpellier, France
—–> This event went really well
—–> There were 14 of us, and we had loads of fun
> I finally completed Hexagon and set a personal record of 81 seconds

What went wrong:
> It’s not very pretty, especially for a game with no actual gameplay
> It’s a game with no actual gameplay
> I didn’t have time to make music for the game and I LIKE making music
> I STILL don’t know how to make an applet, so choosing a Web-able language seems so futile now

Here, play it!

2 Responses to “Crobal and friends, post-mortem”

  1. wilbefast says:

    Well you certainly inspired me to take a crack at 3D modelling during the event – in my opinion so long as you’re doing *something* new it’s worth while, and you did rather a lot new 😉

    To reiterate what I said at the beginning of the jam though: make a toy first, then build the game around it. Your problem, I think, is that you spend all your time making the toy and only think about the game in the last couple of hours. “What is the objective and how do I convey it” was decided on, if memory serves, right at end.

  2. Gaeel says:

    Memory serves, it was decided and conveyed within 2 hours of the end.

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