Automatic Music Composition Tools

December 19th, 2012 4:13 am

Random music composition tools. Better music means more polished games. Random generators are fantastic for inspiration, even to hardcore composers. Compiled with the help of Zeik and ChainedLupine in the LD chatroom.

These are all free except Easy Music Composer, and ACS which is shareware and in my opinion is amazingly useful even without a pro license. For me at least, ACS has an almost 1:1 ratio of success; it prompts immediate inspiration. I’ve personally found Wolframtones to produce quite meaningful ideas as well

Kindly suggested by AdventureIslands in the comments below. This is quite mind-blowing in fact.


Wolframtones     <- algorithmic, very interesting pattern. Has preset genres like jazz, world, rock, etc.
SoundHelix-logo  <- Sound Helix  cool pattern-based compositions

( )


Circuli <- ambient generator


Easy Music Composer

images< very very useful musical ideas. This is a must


Greasemonkey’s Autotracker-Bu <- Run “python”, you will get an .it file, then use your favorite tracker ( like ) to export it to .wav or .mp3. ( link and description provided by jarnik )

* <- music driven by a simple math formula. interesting convoluted results

* <- freeware online version, paid iOS app

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16 Responses to “Automatic Music Composition Tools”

  1. BrothersT says:

    If you’ve never tried Figure you’re missing out. It’s an app that can take literally minutes to create an original sounding computer game style electro/ synth track up to 8 bars long by just randomly hitting nobs until it sounds good. And I can’t imagine what you could do with it if you knew what you were doing :). It’s by Propellorhead, who make the ultra professional ‘Reason’. When you’re done you can export your track to iTunes and go from there.

  2. cgMusic could also be added to the list, my LD game Mad Princess’ music has been made with it :)

  3. jarnik says:

    I found a backup of Greasemonkey’s Autotracker-Bu:
    Makes great chiptune music!

    Run “python”, you will get an .it file, then use your favorite tracker ( like ) to export it to .wav or .mp3.

  4. Does anyone know of any good guides to begin learning music composition? I’d like to see how far I can get into that over next year.

  5. TranceTip says:

    SoundHelix can be used for any music based on patterns, not just “techno”. Check out the SoundHelix applet for a simple example.

  6. caranha says:

    Thanks for the post! And I loved the JEM image! Blast to the past! 😀

  7. caranha says:

    Oh, one very important thing about Wolfram Tunes:

    They claim copyright to all content generated by their tools. Even if that doesn’t make any sense, I would avoid using tools made by such crazy people 😉 (And it might be against LD rules anyway)

  8. TranceTip says:

    SoundHelix 0.6 has been released. Visit

  9. TranceTip says:

    SoundHelix 0.7 has been released. Visit

  10. TranceTip says:

    SoundHelix 0.7.1 has been released. Visit

  11. TranceTip says:

    SoundHelix 0.8 has been released. Visit

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