The Banker – Postmortem

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December 18th, 2012 1:06 pm

My game was The Banker: An Atrocity in Three Parts
The Banker

It was made in slightly less than two days from scratch with C++, and entered in the Jam.
Libraries used: SFML and Boost Property Tree
Tools used: VIM (IDE), GIMP, Tiled Map Editor.

What went right:

  • I finished! This was the first game I’ve actually managed to do in time.
  • The idea. While I didn’t get to work on it for a day, I had the idea the moment the theme was announced and it didn’t really change at all after that. This is the first LD that I can say that for – although it’s the only one where I would have benefitted more the other way around.
  • I got most of the dialogue I wanted in
  • By compromising on features, managed to make all three parts of the game
  • It was almost funny?
  • SFML wasn’t as God-awfully obstrucvtive as I usually find it

What went wrong:

  • Programming took around twice as long as I expected
  • As a result, all graphics had to be made in ~1 hour
  • As a result, the graphics were terrible
  • Movement was too slow, but this only became apparent once I made the map larger than 10×10 tiles in the last ten minutes of the competition
  • Some of the dialogue was done in the last couple of minutes before I uploaded, so it’s a little badly written in places, and feels inconsistent
  • While it would never have been a “gameplay” type of game, it lacks even an attempt at gameplay features

What didn’t go at all:

  • Didn’t have time to do any music. Not even sFXR
  • Had to cut a few interactions, and jokes suffered as a result
  • Didn’t have time to add the minigame I had planned
  • Didn’t get in any social commentary or obscure economics jokes

Overall, though, I’m just glad I finished – it was a very close thing.
I spent so long on loading the maps that the benefits I reaped in terms of entity loading were rendered useless given the lack of art assets, which was a shame. Just having better art or any music would improve the game so massively that I think I ought to just brush it up a little next weekend.

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