LD48 was Fun!

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December 18th, 2012 4:39 am

Hey there developers and gamers!

I had a lot of fun with Ludum Dare last weekend.  It’s always a blast to make a game that turns out pretty good!

What went great:
— The theme.
I feel like the theme gave me a lot of room to be creative and come up with something the rest of the developers didn’t.  I love the freedom of that.  Kudos to the Ludum Dare team for making that possible 😀
I know what I’m doing when I’m in Flash.  I spent half my life learning Flash xD
It crashed twice, but thankfully it has autosave, and I didn’t lose too much.  Tip: The debugger decides to crash every few tests…
Not using a chunk engine.
It’s true.  The original engine I made had the start of a chunk engine.  It didn’t make sense.  It was awful!
I LOVED streaming, not just because it motivated me, but because I got to meet some really neat people in the chat.  I listed everyone I could remember in the “EXTRA” section of my game menu because it was so fun.
My idea.
I had a good idea right from the start.  It’s really important to get the basics down in your game before you go and add goats or something.  That’s what I learned from this experience.  As quickly as I could I built a working game with a unique concept and simply gameplay.  Afterwards I added all the less-needed features, like music and a menu…
Time management.
48 hours to make a game.  It seems impossible, but when you start doing it, it’s surprising how fast you work.  At least for me.  I was able to get done what I had to get done in the time I had to get done doing it (twitter reference).

What went not-so-great:
— The details.
It’s not really expected to have a detailed game during Ludum Dare, but I feel like the features I did have weren’t pushed to the right spot.  The regenerating stamina was too slow, the leveling up was boring, and some other things (like the particle size).  I’m sure it would make the game less glitchy if some of my rendering wasn’t messy too.  Hopefully I’ll get around to fixing it up and making it a finished game!

Overall I think I did a great job, and I had fun!  I like a lot of the games I’m rating too!  Great job everyone else 😀
Here’s my submission: Dragon Boss

– Zanzlanz

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