HitlerZilla – Postmortem

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December 18th, 2012 7:36 am

This is my third Ludum Dare and I think this is the best game I made. It went almost exactly as expected, but of course some thing were not so well.

As with the previous editions, I used Unity as my framework of choice but instead of using RagePixel (2D), I risked to make something in 3D. I think the result is not that bad :)

What went wrong or so-so

  • I could not setup proper screen capture software for my dual screens. My laptop’s display and external monitor use different screen resolutions and the utility (screencapture, OSX) didn’t take both screenshots at the same time. In fact I couldn’t manage to take capture from my secondary (laptop’s) screen with any tool!. A pity because I coded on my laptop screen and managed Unity on the external monitor. So the time-lapse is a bit boring…
  • I got distracted with not so important details, as the feet animation and its synchronization. I didn’t know about Unity animation events so I lost a lot of time trying to “manually” sync those feet… When I found about events, I felt both stupid and relieved :) And that made my day! But that is for the “what went right”.
  • As with animations, I over-complicated some things. For example instead of making the player walk for real and dynamically generate the terrain, I faked the movement by displacing the road’s UV map. This lead to problem of buildings and enemies, which had to advance too, independently of the players speed (which changes). So I ended up manually correcting every objects’ speed according to the player’s. It’d had taken less time just to generate the terrain as needed :)
  • I totally forgot about music until the last minute! I wanted to make *anything* using garageband or something easier, but I totally forgot about it and ended up using autotracker….
  • No procedural city. I wanted to make a few buildings/houses to randomly place then along the roadside, but I ended up using the same model with random height and colors… Well… :)
  • Enemy waves and increasing difficulty. Although the game is not simply easy, I think it’d be better with increasing difficulty. Right now the enemy’s spawn rate and max units is fixed.
  • If an enemy shots, you are hit. I think this is OK for soldiers and tanks, but I wanted the plane only to hit you if you were right in front of it, so you could dodge it when seeing it come from the distance.

Wow, that’s a lot of things that went so-so :)

HitlerZilla - development screenshot

HitlerZilla – development screenshot

What went right

  • I managed to finish every item put on my “unavoidable TODO list”. This means that although I left some thing behind (like enemy waves) I got a fairly amount of work done.
  • My code was not perfect, but good enough to allow me to add tanks and planes without touching the base enemy class, and in the last 2 hours! You can see in the time-lapse that tanks and plane don’t appear until the last hours. I could have added more enemy types (pointy barriers?) without much more work.
  • I wasn’t as ambitious as with my last LD (9 mini-games, what was I thinking about????). I got the idea during my morning shower, where I get all my LD ideas :), put it simple on paper and started working, getting-shit-done (TM).
  • I finally got Unity animation system! I had to fight with a “getting back to origin” problem, but everything solved using an empty GameObject as my animated object parent.
  • Animation events. I didn’t know about them! As I said before, I struggled my mind trying to sync my feet animation. With animation events I can say when to start the other feet animation, sounds and object destruction. SO USEFUL!!!

I think that’s all. I hope to get better rating than with my last entry. I’m getting good feedback by the moment, so I hope this to stay the same.

If you have the time, I’d like you to check HitlerZilla and write some comments:

HitlerZilla -Gameplay

HitlerZilla – Rate, rate, rate!

Thanks, LD community!!!!

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