For Greater Good – Post-Mortem

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December 18th, 2012 1:48 pm

Gameplay – Mars level


  • Graphics. At first it didn’t look very well, but then we’ve managed to get pretty graphics with help of the Blender
  • Music. Composed by team member Drahosh, I find it to be very addictive. You should certainly play it with sound unmuted.
  • Level design. First levels are simple, later it gets challenging and then really hard. I had lot of fun myself trying to beat my own game.
  • Level backgrounds. You are flying over real Earth, Mars or Moon. Just try it :).
  • Game code. Coding this game was fun, but seeing our 4000 lines of code working is even better, especially if things work like they were meant to.
  • To sum up: Really almost everything. You should play it here:


  • Sound effects. Sound files are there, but I didn’t manage to get them working on time.

What’s next:

Android port is on it’s way. And there will be Android post-compo (opensource) in Play Store soon. We will add some more features and redesign levels to make them playable on smaller screens of Android devices.

PS: Feel free to play around with xml files in res/levels. And if you come up with something cool please mail it to me :)


I hope everybody enjoyed this LD as I did, and I’m really looking forward to the next one!

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