Dr. Spackolo Post-Mortem

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December 18th, 2012 10:21 am

This LD was a little bit of a failure for me! I had no idea what to do with the theme. After some thinking I went with a dating simulator, which was a bad choice. A good dating sim need two things: Good writing and cute artwork. As I’m not a native english speaker (and my english in general isn’t that brilliant) writing is really hard for me. I also can’t draw. Period.

I’m usually very motivated while coding, but most code was done in a couple of hours. This was actually good, because I could focus on content now, which I didn’t enjoy that much and after the end of the first day I realized that I couldn’t finish it in time with decent content. After some frustration and a couple of hours of non-LD related work I went back to at least finish it with the help of a greek twist.


What went right:

  • I never wrote much for a game and it was an interesting experience.
  • HTML5 canvas & JavaScript is very usable for game jams.
  • It turned out to be quite meta.

What went wrong:

  • I did not like my own game, which is kind of frustrating.
  • Horrible gameplay. It’s basically a bad interactive joke.
  • I had trouble creating music for it (Now it’s very basic, I trashed a lot of other attempts).
  • I need to get more practice in pixel art (or general in creating graphic assets).

So, next time I’ll do a project that involves more coding, which should keep me motivated throughout the weekend. If you’re still interested and like bad humor give Dr. Spackolo a try.

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