A small village : Post Mortem

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December 18th, 2012 8:53 am



A small village was my first entry, and also the first time I released a game ! It’s about a villain doing bad stuff in a small village, where people don’t know what to do against you !

What went right ? After finding my basic idea, I had  time to make my small village nearly as I wanted. It was fun making all textures myself for the first time and it was looking good. I like the faces of my little people, goat included. The gameplay (FPS) was quite simple to do because a lot of my test with unity were like this. I didn’t know at first how to add humor in the game then I had the idea of let them yell stuff and it was really fun. I learned a lot all along the creation !

What went wrong ? In the first place, i didn’t even sleep well. I learnt about the theme at 3 a.m., woke up at 10, and wanted to make a 3rd person game, in a village like this. But I didn’t manage to make a 3rd person camera working so after 2 hours of retries I quit to making what I know most. The music in the game was my first time with lmms, so i’m really sorry for your ears ! Some of you liked it, but I don’t myself !

What went REALLY wrong ? It’s the code ! First, there was an update in Unity a few weeks before LD, and I didn’t had enough time to fully understand about the new animation system, nor about classes and methods which becames unusable and invalid. So after the first day, when I was happy about my village, I had something like 25.000 errors in the debug console, and no idea on how to fix them all. Of course, I didn’t had the time to learn everything about A.I. all over so I decided to make a stop to the development of this game before I ended up with nothing to play !

What do to next time ? I think I will be a little less stressed next time, and (I hope) more self confident about my programming skills (which are very low right now). I’ll also spend less time working on the map, and I’ll make a lot of art in a row, not doing so many alt+tab between unity, notepad, flash, photoshop, and the Ludumdare website ! One thing at a time, a better organisation !

Anyway, thanks a lot for this LD, i’m going back to rate your games (I already liked a lot of yours, it’s amazing the amount of idea!) don’t forget to test my little game and to rate it ! A Small Village

Keep in touch,

Edocentrique :)

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